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10 Ways Blogging is Like Dental Hygiene

Bloggers are so engrossed in their blogs that an emotional attachment often occurs, making the blog part of a person’s identity. Maintaining a blog for bloggers is similar to maintaining dental hygiene in more than one way. The idea might sound far-fetched, but being a dentist and a blogger, I can’t help but notice how the two are interrelated. Let’s take a look…

1) You have to do it: There is no escaping from it. You wake up and it has to be the first thing you do. Under rare circumstances, if you don’t do it and venture out, it plays on your mind and you try to find a way to do it. Brushing your teeth becomes a part of our daily routine – just like blogging.

2) People compliment you for it: Taking good dental hygiene measures would ensure you a pearly-white smile which invites admiration from your acquaintances. Similarly, having a good blog garners admiration from those who visit it if it’s maintained well.

3) Maintenance costs: Both of them bear a burden on your pocket although you don’t mind it. Dental hygiene would require shelling out for toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, mouth wash, teeth whitening products, dentist appointments where as blogging expenses could cost you in what you spend for domain, host, paid listings, ads and SEO.

4) Embarrassing when people complain: Someone at work told you your breath stinks which would be really embarrassing. You would similarly take it on a personal level if some one mentioned how much your blog sucks.

It is a complex process: It might sound simple but there is a lot of work being put in to it. If dental hygiene demands brushing, flossing, mouthwashes, scaling; a blog demands constant articles, updates, marketing, link-building efforts.

6) Nightmare if others hack it: It would be a nightmare if someone else uses your toothbrush and it would be a nightmare if someone manages to hack your blog.

Spam: Spam comments which clutter your admin panel are like food debris stuck in between your teeth. Can’t let them stay and have to ensure their removal.

8) Regularly updates required: Regular brushing ensures your mouth doesn’t smell while regular updates prevent your blog from looking stale.

Check up’ required: You have to visit a dentist to take care of any dental conditions and check up. A SEO consultant is required to analyze your blog and suggest changes for better results.

10) You like looking at it and admiring: You tend to smile in the mirror and feel great about your smile. Looking at your blog in admiration regularly forms a part of your schedule.

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  1. Mary E. Ulrich ) says: 9/17/2010

    Clever post. I like number 7: Spam. It made me laugh.


  2. Roy Scribner ) says: 9/17/2010

    Whitespace. Got to have plenty of whitespace :) Nice post, I definitely see a lot of similarities in what I do with my blog, including looking at it and admiring it.


  3. designarcade ) says: 9/21/2010

    Great post. How intelligent the blogger is. The title is very attractive that no body can’t resist himself from commenting. Ya , i also like the point 7.


  4. Jerry Nguyen ) says: 9/24/2010

    Very creative idea and post! I am in charge of the blog for the company that I work at, Sharper, and we deal with dental professionals everyday. I am always thinking of different ways to connect real life situations to what we do at Sharper and then connect those ideas to my blog articles. All your points are very good, especially number 10. I look at my blog everyday just as much as I check my teeth in the mirror.


  5. xandra ) says: 9/29/2010 Money saving voucher in Hyderabad, Discount of 62.5% on Dental Health Check Up / Dental Hygiene Instructions / Full Mouth Oral Prophylaxis(Scaling) and Polishing etc.,


  6. michelle says: 9/30/2010

    As a faculty member trying to get dental hygiene students to blog, I loved your post! I would love to follow the guest blogger.


  7. Joe the Naples Dentist says: 10/28/2010

    Very humorous way to compare the two. I’m going to print this up and leave copies in the waiting room. Its a nice ice breaker. Thanks for the post.


  8. Teresa | Garland Dentist says: 1/11/2011

    Number 7 is really funny :)


  9. Joy Russell ) says: 7/8/2011

    Wow. Nice post James. You have a brilliant idea when you create this sort. We should know the proper dental hygiene because it is for our own good. Away from toothache. The 10 ways in dental hygiene really big help for the readers to know the proper dental hygiene.


  10. Family Dentistry says: 11/2/2011

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  11. Love Teeth says: 12/6/2011

    I love it! Very clever analogy – although it made me feel like brushing my teeth :)


  12. iamkathrinfrey says: 7/23/2012

    So much laugh for number 6 and 7. I love your blog and already shared it with my friends.


  13. East St. Paul Dentisth says: 8/5/2012

    you have mentioned in your post are very interesting. Actually Cosmetic Dentistry helps to boost the overall look of your teeth and it is completely safe. Your post is pretty useful for the dental community


  14. Winter Park Dentist says: 12/28/2012

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