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BlogMe: Complete WordPress Install & Hosting Service

Everybody loves small pandas, and everybody loves WordPress. Seriously, if you find someone who doesn’t like both, bring them to me.

The most common WordPress complaint I hear has to do with the installation process. Sure the gang at WP have made it as easy as possible, but for tech novices – and those who don’t have the time to engage – the installation process can be a deterrent.

Thanks to BlogMe, WordPress is made easy. For under $4 you can set up a premium WordPress site and have your site hosted and setup. This means you’ll have access to a gazillion plugins and the latest version of WordPress.

The nice thing about BlogMe is that it offers 100% customization. That means it’s perfect to hold the hands of beginners, but also gives more tech-savvy users the ability to do everything they want.

BlogMe packages have a one-time fee (between $3.99 and $199 depending on the number of blogs you want to unlock) and the only additional fee is to keep the blog hosted after the one-year mark. The hosting prices are competitive, and the premium theme prices are a steal!

All you need to get started is your own domain name. Literally, within several minutes, you will be up and running.

An affiliate program is also available for bloggers looking to earn 40% from each sale they deliver. (Minimum payout of $100)

I was impressed with BlogMe and I think you will be to. That is, of course, assuming you like small pandas.

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  1. Jamie Northrup ) says: 9/27/2010

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for pointing this service out, I have no issues using or installing WP, but I do get a lot of requests for help, and it will be nice to refer them to his cost effective alternative.


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