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5 Reasons Why YOU Blog

Blogging’s Therapeutic Properties

Some bloggers write to make money. Others blog for the love of the game. Whatever your motive, there are other underlying reasons why people live to blog – and some blog to live.

Sure you have 376 Facebook friends, but when you close your eyes at night and think about those that you love and care for, you can probably count them on your hands (if you’re lucky!) Despite hyper-connectivity, many people still feel alone. Blogging helps solve that problem. You might not make a BFF, but your words do not go into a void; they are read by real, live human beings. Web analytics and comments let us know that we are not alone, and that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside – whether we admit it or not. It might not take a village, but a sense of community can go a long way.

Purge Your Emotions
Confronting an issue is often the best way to resolve our tangled emotions. But in reality, that’s not always a desirable option. In fact, sometimes it’s simply not feasible. Writing can soothe the most savage beast, giving you a positive outlet to release your feelings. Think happy little trees!

Keep Your Mind Busy
If you have children or own a pet you already know that a busy mind keeps people out of trouble. Blogging is an activity that fills all of our brain crevices with something to do. No matter where you are or what you are doing, blogging is possible from anywhere – and that keep us from doing other (more dangerous) things.

Wronged by a shopkeeper? Screwed over at a restaurant? The blog gives everyone a voice that potentially can be heard, and that my friends, is power. Whether you live in a democracy or an oligarchy, many people feel powerless – unable to make a real impact. Blogging puts you in the race.

THE Dream
You’ll never hear a drop of water fall into the ocean, and the harsh reality is that most writers will never see their work make an impact on society. But with blogging…there is a chance! The possibility of becoming an overnight sensation thanks to the viral-nature of the Web, keeps many bloggers in the game. It’s like playing the lottery, but with better odds and more control.

Which of the blogging reasons above apply to you?

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  1. Roy Scribner ) says: 9/28/2010

    I definitely started my first blog for the connectedness aspect, as a way to stay in touch with family after I moved away from the area. It kind of morphed away from that, though, into an actual business.


  2. Rob O. ) says: 9/28/2010

    For my wife & me, our blog lets us share stuff of interest with far-flung family & friends. It’s also a creative outlet and an opportunity to learn about web development stuff and hone writing skills.


  3. Damaria Senne says: 9/29/2010

    I blog for that sense of connectedness. I work from home and my blog is a way to keep my friends, family, and even clients up to date on what I’m up to. The blog also serves as my online portfolio, with links to my published works. I’d love for the Dream to happen, but based on my type of blog (it’s about me and my work really), chances of that happening is slim to fat. But I’m OK with that.


  4. greg urbano says: 10/29/2010

    i think there are huindreds of reasons people might start blogging but these 5 are a good summary