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Hey Blogger. Yeah, You. Dare to Be Different!

Just like you, I gather advice from different sources. I’ll scour the Web to learn how to become a better blogger, search for ways to do this, that and the other, and lean on friends and family for advice.

And a lot of the advice we uncover is useful.

But let this blog post serve as a reminder that sometimes it’s best to do things YOUR way.

Case in point…

After experiencing moderate sales of an ebook I wrote on how to quit your job the right way, I decided to make an effort to up my game. After all, I put a lot of hard work into this valuable resource and want to sell a gazillion of them. ;-)

So I started researching landing pages. I looked at successful examples, beautiful examples, efficient examples, and so on. I took the best from each and overhauled the landing page.

The results?

I went from selling a handful a week to ZILCH. ZIP. NADA. And the worst part is, I’ve seen traffic to the landing page rise! That means my tweaks, based on other people’s success, killed my conversion rate. Read More

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Why Blogging Makes You Better at Life

Blogging is more than something you should do just because you see some sort of cash influx at the end of the tunnel. Blogging, and more specifically, writing, is something every person should partake in – whether or not they’re writing for all of the United States, or an impressive audience of one.

Blogging Makes You a Better Storyteller
As Malcolm Gladwell taught us in his book Outliers, it takes 10,000 hours to truly become an expert at something. The more you practice, the better you’ll be. And there are only so many people we have that are willing to listen us yammer on about what’s happened in our lives at any given moment. By writing and orchestrating narratives that inform an audience, we craft our storytelling in such a way that we’ll tell better, more entertaining stories when they matter most. Read More

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Blog Marketing How-To Guide – Push vs. Pull Marketing

As you write content and participate in online conversations to directly and indirectly promote your blog, you need to understand the difference between two fundamental marketing theories to ensure you’re publishing the type of content and comments that will help you reach your blogging goals.  Those two theories are push marketing and pull marketing, and they’re at the basis of all marketing strategies.

Following are overviews of both push marketing and pull marketing, so you can see the underlying differences in the types of communications and content you should be publishing online to market your blog effectively.

1. Push Marketing

Push marketing works exactly as the name implies.  Businesses (or you as a blogger trying to grow your blog’s audience) push messages to consumers in an attempt to pique consumers’ interests in a product or business and make sales.  Most often, the business controls push marketing strategies and has a very specific end goal in mind.  Traditional advertising is a form of push marketing where companies try to craft messages and images that will motivate consumers to take an action such as making a purchase. Similarly, pushing a discount message out to your audience via Twitter or another form of social media is a push marketing tactic.  Consumers may not have asked for such a discount, but you’re pushing it in their direction with the hope that they’ll be motivated to make a purchase. Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: Your Content, Someone Else’s Site

If you blog long enough, it is bound to happen to you, even if you aren’t aware. Someone will take your content and republish it on their site, sometimes with a link, sometimes without, sometimes the full work, sometimes just a snippet. There are a million ways your content can appear on other sites, some ways legitimately and other ways less so, but they are all interesting lessons in how your readers interact with your work and, in some cases, problems you have to address.

Because, while most content reuse is fairly harmless. Some uses, especially by plagiarists and spammers, can have a negative impact on your site. This makes it important to know both how to track your content, what your rights are regarding your work, when is a good idea to step in and, most importantly, what you can do if you find that you need to.

Unfortunately, the issues are far more complex than what we can discuss in a single column, but we can definitely give a good overview of the situation and what you can expect.

Read More

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The History of Online Video

One of the topics we barely or not cover at all here at BloggingPro certainly is online video, pod- and screencasting, even though online video doesn’t stop to continue growing and nowadays an amazing 69% of internet users already watch or download videos online.

The Infographiclabs crew created another amazing infographic, this time on request of Techsmith, the creators of the excellent Camtasia screencasting software. The infographic analyses the emergence of online video over the last 5 years. Below a partial infographic, hop over to the Blog Herald to view the complete history of online video graphic.

Read More

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Problogging On Blogger (The Sequel): BlogSpot Lovers Take Note

Last time we discussed Problogging on Blogger (aka BlogSpot) in June, we discussed how Blogger fans could improve their sites by simply following 8 simple steps.

Fortunately for BlogSpot fans Google has added (or improved) a few notable features since then, although unfortunately many BlogSpot users are not taking full advantage of those features (which could drastically improve their blog).

While not every feature Blogger utilizes should be embraced by BlogSpot warriors (as the second tip below highlights), every individual who chooses Blogger over rivals should follow these steps (especially blogging pro’s who blog for fun as well as for profit). Read More

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Annoying Sports Cliches Applied to Blogging

Bloggers and athletes have a lot in common. Aside from the fact that we are both physical specimens and adored by ladies worldwide, we also have been known to lean on a cliche or two.

Anyone who watches sports on a regular basis is familiar with athletes spouting out generic cliches, making for a boring (but safe) sound byte for the evening news.

“We’re taking it one game at a time.”

When you blog, you want to blog like a Buddhist; you’re not worried about yesterday or looking ahead – you are living in the present. Old posts and new posts should not be on your mind when you write today’s post.
WHY IT’S TRUE: What have you done for me lately?
WHY IT’S FALSE: Yesterday’s posts teach you lessons for today. They also give you links to include. Read More

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Camtasia Studio by TechSmith Makes Screencasting Simple

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s the value of a video? As much as bloggers love to write, the best of the breed are willing to admit that certain situations call for more than sentences and paragraphs.

That’s where screencasting comes in, and a useful program like TechSmith’s Camtasia can make a technophobe look like the next Spielberg. OK, that might be a stretch, but if you’re looking to get the most out of your screencasts, here’s why I dig Camtasia. Read More

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Blog Marketing How-To Guide – Lesson 6 – Think Quality Not Quantity

If you want your blog to be successful and still have an audience in a few years, then you need to focus on quality, not quantity.  Building a successful blog that has a lifespan longer than 12 months and an audience that continually grows depends on your ability to put long-term sustainable growth above short-term traffic spikes.

While it’s always nice to publish a link bait blog post and drive a burst of traffic, more often than not, the majority of that short-term traffic disappears faster than it appeared.  However, if you devote your time to pursuing activities that position your blog for organic growth, you’ll be able to reach your ultimate blogging goals.

Think of it this way:

It is it better to have 10,000 Twitter followers who follow you and then disappear (i.e., they never retweet your content or engage with you again) or 1,000 Twitter followers who actively engage with you, converse with you, retweet your content, and so on. Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: Why Blogging Can Be Bad for Your Health

Man on Laptop

Though blogging may be a great mental exercise, so much so that it is recommended for seniors to help them keep their mind sharp, it is not exactly the most intense of physical activities.

Since most of us blog while sitting down, which puts almost no strain on our body, a 145 lb person will burn about 99 calories per hour typing. That makes it only 40 calories per hour more than sleeping, which burns 59.

This sedentary lifestyle, especially when combined with a bad diet and lack of other exercise is not without its consequences. Though there are no statistics available for obesity and bloggers specifically, certainly the nation-wide statistics in the U.S. do not paint a pretty picture.

How, in a nation where over a quarter of all people are obese, is a blogger, one of the most sedentary of all jobs, supposed to maintain a healthy lifestyle? There are no easy answers but it is definitely a pitfall of blogging that needs to be looked at.

Read More

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