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The Art of Link Building – Why Location Matters

If you are interested in making money online, be it via a blog,  small business, AdSense website or whatever…you are almost certainly going to be doing SEO along the way, and building backlinks is probably going to be pretty high on your to-do list (it certainly should be). But there is a lot more to building links than you might realize.

Picking the best sites and getting the link text right will help. But things like location and context are important factors too. There is lots to consider, but maximizing the quality of your links from day one will really boost your SEO efforts and help you to get better results faster, so it’s well worth the time taken.

The easy stuff

Link building is written about a lot, so I won’t labor the points that everyone else talks about. But just to catch you up. The site that links to you matters a lot. Getting a link from a well respected site will help your site more than building 100 links from sites that have no authority what-soever.

Additionally, you need to get your link text right. A link that says “click here” isn’t going to help you rank – not unless you are targeting the keywords “click” and “here”… Which I guess you’re not. A link saying “home theater systems” on the other hand is much better (if that’s what you sell of course).

Link location – in site

Ok, so we know that getting a link on a good site is a must. But location within that site matters too. Google “knows” which pages are the most important, and it knows which ones barely matter at all. If you could get a link on the home page that would be awesome – a link on the privacy policy page on the other hand would probably be less effective.

Link location – in page

Not only does the page matter, but the location within the page is hugely important too. Modern search engines can figure out pretty easily what each part of a page does. Navigation down one side, header section, the additional links at the bottom and of course the main body content.

It should go without saying, the most important part of a page is the main content. After all, that’s what your users are here to see. And of course, those tiny links at the bottom are a heck of a lot less important than the main links in the header.

For this reason, getting a link high up in the body of the page will go a long way. Think about a typical blog for example. The main body is the bit that everyone will read. And at the bottom is the comments section – full of great content too, but also full of other links. Where would you rather have your link?

Context and emphasis

What do you do to emphasize the most important bits when you write some content, or copy? I’m guessing you put stuff in bold? or maybe italics. The really important stuff goes in a heading or sub-heading.

That’s your next challenge then. Once you’ve gotten your link in the main body content of an important page on an awesome site. If you can get it in bold too, and with the right link text… Well that’s going to be a link that will serve your SEO work nicely.

A rule of thumb for link building

As with so many things online, it’s always helpful to think about how a real person will interact with a website. I bet you have a fair idea which links you are most likely to click on, and which ones you’re likely to ignore or not even notice. Well the search engines have a fair idea too. So if you try to make every link you build as click-able as possible, not only will you get maximum traffic from that link, but you will get maximum SEO juice back to your own site.

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  1. Marios says: 10/12/2010

    Hey Those are some great link building tips. My advice is when building links don’t try to trick Google by doing some black SEO tactics, build honest links that help people find good content,



  2. Manendra ) says: 10/19/2010

    These are really nice tips for link building and i do recommend to write guest posts in your niche


  3. Sandy Brisbane ) says: 10/20/2010

    Hi – It might be of interest to your readers thatI wrote a little article called “podiatry as a career in Australia” and sent it out into the ether. It has been picked up by 6000+ blogs, all of which give me 1,2 or 3 links back from my biographical at the bottom. Simple, cheap, ethical and very effective.


  4. List building says: 11/5/2010

    Great advice, i was wondering about the context and emphasis? How do I integrate it in my site without looking to spammy? Any tips?


  5. OneBlogTips ) says: 11/13/2010

    Nice post about link building , i totally agree with you but i rather using social bookmarking and article submit to get backlinks to my blog

    how much backlinks should i build in a day to get PR 3 in 3 months?


  6. Blog Connect ) says: 11/26/2011

    I am building a community wordpress plugin that will allow legitimate blogs posts to link to each other mainly because link building is a TIRING PROCESS!. (one-way relevant backlinks) After reading your article I am concerned about where the links should be placed. I am currently considering placing them at the end of the articles, do you think I should change the link positions to link from the body keywords to increase SEO? Or is it ok at the end of side nav?


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