How to Get Readers to Return to Your Blog

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There may come a time when your once popular blog begins to lose readers. While it is not entirely uncommon for blog popularity to wax and wane, it can certainly be disheartening for the blog owner who is simply trying to market their products or services. There are several aspects of blogging that should be considered when creating your blog marketing ideas.

Great Blogs Think Alike

There are a few common things that will bring readers to your site. They can include:

• Informative and helpful post
• Short paragraphs
• Subtopics that are on topic
• Pictures
• Relevant links
• Comments posting

In this manner all great blogs should be alike. With eye catching easy to read information that is helpful and informative to the reader you will have much better success in drawing readers to your site who will want to share with others the helpful information they gained from your blog.

How to Bring Wandering Readers Back

As is the case sometimes even for the best bloggers, readers and customers can wander off for a variety of reasons. One of the best ways to bring them back to your blog is to consider the overall emotional makeup of human beings in general.

Which Emotional Triggers to Avoid

Some things inspire emotional triggers in even the toughest of people and nothing is quicker to gain attention or reaction then utilizing those triggers to garner the response you desire. Some emotional triggers are sure to distance a reader from your blog while other triggers may indeed endear them to it and make them lifelong and loyal readers. Some triggers you may want to avoid are as follows:

Confrontational Lingo
– You may want to cater to the masses but you do not want to argue with them. Be sure not to blog in words that will trigger a defensive reaction from your readers.

Difficult or Uncomfortable Terminology
– Although we live in a society where blunt is usually appreciated, so is tact and a bit of class in your language. If your wording makes a reader uncomfortable they are far less likely to share it with other friends who could add to your list of readers.

Which Emotional Triggers and Words Will Inspire?

Just as some of the emotional triggers of people can cause you to lose readers the correct usage of more popular emotional triggers can inspire your readers to continue on or share your message with others.

Free – Free always inspires the reader’s attention and encourages them to delve further into the matter. Anyone on a budget will remain a loyal reader if you offer free products or services.

Fast – In today’s fast paced world, the word Fast will indeed trigger a purchase as with so many options available on just about any service, getting it fast makes it better than ever.

Proven – Everyone likes to know before they purchase anything that it has been proven to produce the results it was intended for.

Keeping in mind that the above emotional triggers, good and bad, are in general the ideas you want to remember when creating blog post there are also some exceptions to those general rules.

Exceptions to the Rules

When advertising any product or service on your blog it is also very important to keep in mind your niches readership. And it is no secret that some of the most shocking and unusual blogs have skyrocketed to the top by using their own form of emotional triggering. So while the goal of any marketer is to influence people into utilizing their product or service, sometimes considering who is using that product or service is the key to ultimate success in bringing your readers back to your blog in droves.

Although surprise is an essential and fun element in great marketing techniques, there are other emotions that can trigger the reaction to your product that you truly desire.

Relish in the Emotion

If you are marketing a fun item or items that are said to enhance life itself, then the emotion of Joy is one that greatly exudes the feeling you want your product to give to your consumers.

If you are targeting products for young males then the usage of disgust or a rebellious image is a great call to action for your product.

Sadness can trigger the great human emotion of empathy that never fails to inspire others to want to act. This emotion is always best balanced out with the emotion of hope.

Utilizing the triggers of human emotion will not only bring wandering readers back to your site but as long as they are not used overly much, the more intense of human emotions in your blogging does have the power to captivate readers into remaining faithful to your blog.

Author: James Dunaway

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