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Show Your Blogging Face?

Everywhere I go, I see Joe Purschke’s face. Who is Joe Purschke? Well he’s my mortgage broker. But I knew him long before I met him. That’s because Joe uses his face on every ad. From highway billboards to refrigerator magnets – I can pick Joe out of a lineup better than I can identify some members of my family.

Seeing Joe everywhere got me thinking…why do some business types rely on “face” marketing while others don’t? And should bloggers be plastering their author picture next to every article they write?

Actors rely on headshots to land a gig. That makes perfect sense; it is an industry driven by appearance. But when it comes to explaining Private Mortgage Insurance, why on earth do I care what Joe the broker looks? If you write an entertaining blog post should it matter that I can attach a face to the words?

The most common use of the “face” is in real estate. From newspaper ads to lawn shingles, most agents in my neck of the woods are not bashful about putting their face out there. Heck, we even have one obnoxious lady you has a fleet of vehicles emblazon with her face.

I don’t care what you look like, and I’ll give the Joe’s of the world the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s more than ego propelling them to put a face with the name. Is a headshot really that good for business?

Several blogs I write for, including this one, require an author image. And I have no issue with it. In fact, including your face next to your words lets people know you are a “real” person. As the power of blogging (and guest blogging) grows, more and more writers are using a pseudonym. In a guarded world, a true image of your face can help disarm the reader and help build your credibility.

Some people believe that a cartoon avatar is a neat way to identify yourself too.

What do you think? Is Joe the mortgage broker on to something? Is including your face next to a blog post a wise decision – or odes it give people a potential reason to tune you out?

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  1. Roy Scribner ) says: 10/15/2010

    I am with you, Andrew, I like to use my mugshot everywhere. I use two different ones, depending on which blog I am identifying with, but the shots are similar. I know some people like to change their picture on a regular basis. I am on the fence about this – I tend to stick with the same ones. Does your mortgage broker use the same shot, on everything?


  2. Rob O. ) says: 10/15/2010

    I don’t have an avatar image next to each post, but I did feel it was important to at least have a photo on our About page.

    I do use a photo avatar on social networking sites and forums.


  3. Andrew G. Rosen ) says: 10/15/2010

    @Roy. That dude Joe uses the sane picture in every place. The same EXACT one!


  4. greg urbano says: 10/16/2010

    how do i get my photo on this comment?


    • Chris ) says: 10/25/2010

      Get a gravatar and then when you type in your email address your picture will pop up. Just Google gravatar.


  5. Jef Menguin ) says: 10/17/2010

    Two years back, I realized what pictures can do to my business. I got more invitation for inspirational speaking. I think it has something to do with the idea that they come to know the person better because of the face.


  6. Online Strategies says: 10/18/2010

    It’s true. An author picture adds authority to your content.


  7. Chris ) says: 10/25/2010

    The real person thing is important. Perhaps it’s just human nature, but when I’m reading a post, I always wonder what a person looks like. I’m not even sure why it matters– but it does.


  8. John Soares ) says: 10/25/2010

    I’m a strong believer in having a clear picture of my face for my gravatar. I want people to recognize it and thus recognize me. I also use my full name as much as possible so people can associate my name and my face with what I do on my blogs and elsewhere on the Internet. I also use the same gravatar photo in larger version on my blogs to further the association, with my full name right underneath.

    I didn’t specifically plan it that way, but I think the teal shirt also helps people remember me.


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