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Annoying Sports Cliches Applied to Blogging

Bloggers and athletes have a lot in common. Aside from the fact that we are both physical specimens and adored by ladies worldwide, we also have been known to lean on a cliche or two.

Anyone who watches sports on a regular basis is familiar with athletes spouting out generic cliches, making for a boring (but safe) sound byte for the evening news.

“We’re taking it one game at a time.”

When you blog, you want to blog like a Buddhist; you’re not worried about yesterday or looking ahead – you are living in the present. Old posts and new posts should not be on your mind when you write today’s post.
WHY IT’S TRUE: What have you done for me lately?
WHY IT’S FALSE: Yesterday’s posts teach you lessons for today. They also give you links to include.

“It’s all about the team.”
For the most part, bloggers are soloists – one-person machines creating compelling content and getting people to view it. Success rests squarely on your shoulders; most bloggers wouldn’t want it any other way.
WHY IT’S TRUE: Ideas, proofreading and feedback are all components of success – and they all come from your “team.”
WHY IT’S FALSE: Individuals are responsible for success, but no one likes to admit it. Especially bosses, who would be forced to pay people more.

“God was on our side.”

This is not a discussion on whether or not you’re a believer, but if a higher being cares about something as inconsequential as your blog. That’s the same God who is tired of being thanks when actors win awards.
WHY IT’S TRUE: If you believe, you believe all the way, from big miracles to small victories.
WHY IT’S FALSE: Wars, famine and death – and God has time for your blog?

“They wanted it more.”
You can’t put a price on hunger. However there have been many occasions where I have seen skill, strength and talent trounce on passion.
WHY IT’S TRUE: Have you ever watched a boxing match? Heart wins.
WHY IT’S FALSE: Wanting something isn’t enough; usually the biggest marketing budget wins.

When applied to blogging, which of the annoying sports cliches above do you think hold true?

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  1. Sports Betting Professor says: 10/27/2010

    They’re ALL true. And your forgot “both teams played hard”


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