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Blog Marketing How-To Guide – Push vs. Pull Marketing

As you write content and participate in online conversations to directly and indirectly promote your blog, you need to understand the difference between two fundamental marketing theories to ensure you’re publishing the type of content and comments that will help you reach your blogging goals.  Those two theories are push marketing and pull marketing, and they’re at the basis of all marketing strategies.

Following are overviews of both push marketing and pull marketing, so you can see the underlying differences in the types of communications and content you should be publishing online to market your blog effectively.

1. Push Marketing

Push marketing works exactly as the name implies.  Businesses (or you as a blogger trying to grow your blog’s audience) push messages to consumers in an attempt to pique consumers’ interests in a product or business and make sales.  Most often, the business controls push marketing strategies and has a very specific end goal in mind.  Traditional advertising is a form of push marketing where companies try to craft messages and images that will motivate consumers to take an action such as making a purchase. Similarly, pushing a discount message out to your audience via Twitter or another form of social media is a push marketing tactic.  Consumers may not have asked for such a discount, but you’re pushing it in their direction with the hope that they’ll be motivated to make a purchase.

2. Pull Marketing

Pull marketing is the opposite of push marketing.  Instead of pushing information to consumers, consumers pull information from businesses.  In other words, companies create marketing messages in response to consumers’ specific demands.  When consumers make it clear that they want a new product from you, and you deliver that product, you’ve responded to a type of pull marketing.  Similarly, if the online conversation prompts you to publish a blog post that answers questions you heard in that conversation, you’ve just implemented a pull marketing tactic.

Using social media marketing and content marketing to promote your blog enables you to pursue both push marketing and pull marketing tactics.  In fact, the best social media marketing and content marketing strategy for a blogger is to pursue far more pull marketing tactics than push marketing tactics.  In other words, spend most of your time listening to conversations, finding opportunities, and filling those gaps by publishing content and participating in conversations in which your audience is pulling you in and demanding more.  Spend a much smaller amount of your time pursuing push marketing tactics that can be viewed as self-promotional.

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  1. igor Griffiths ) says: 10/28/2010

    The statement that less is more definitely applies here.

    Often you will get into an online social conversation making some great points, which of course is great for your reputation and then you will blow it by mentioning your product or service at an inappropriate point.

    Whilst you were making all these great points your reputation was growing in the mind of the other participants and they perhaps would look further into your world after the conversation had finished.

    There was no need to add the pitch and yet too often we do and we ruin the entire opportunity.


    • Jamie Northrup ) says: 10/28/2010

      I definitely agree with what Igor is saying about product placement being way off and more than not being unnecessary. There are times and ways to say and push everything, if you don’t learn what works, than you’ll be stuck going nowhere.


  2. TrafficColeman ) says: 10/28/2010

    Susan the push and pull marketing effect are awesome tips for people who are looking for an way to take control of their marketing. Content is still king..

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”


  3. Jamie Northrup ) says: 10/28/2010

    I definitely agree with what Igor is saying about product placement being way off and more than not being unnecessary. There are times and ways to say and push everything, if you don’t learn what works, than you’ll be stuck going nowhere.


  4. Robert Samuel says: 10/28/2010

    Great breakdown of Push and Pull marketing Susan. Would surveys count as Pull marketing in addition to social media?


  5. Briant ) says: 11/1/2010

    Great post on the different methods of getting your blog/site promoted. This series will certainly help our audience of website and domain flippers to understand how to go about growing a site when looking to sell for a profit. We’ll be sure to link to it.


  6. Blog Tipss ) says: 11/1/2010

    Susan`s the push and pull marketing tip are realy helpful for new bloggers and other site owners ! I`ve stumbled across this blog a few times within the past, but I usually forgot to bookmark it. But not again! Thanks for posting the way you do, I genuinely appreciate seeing someone who actually has a viewpoint and isn`t really just bringing back up crap like nearly all other writers today. Keep it up!


  7. Staff Member says: 9/11/2011

    Your easy to understand writing and posting methods are a breath of fresh air. You have made the depiction of push versus pull marketing such an easy to understand topic. Even though these two very different methods of marketing exist finding the balance for them to coexist in any organization is critical for its survival.


  8. tutor finder says: 12/13/2011

    For some people, like me, you made blog marketing easy to understand. I learned a lot. Thanks!


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