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Hey Blogger. Yeah, You. Dare to Be Different!

Just like you, I gather advice from different sources. I’ll scour the Web to learn how to become a better blogger, search for ways to do this, that and the other, and lean on friends and family for advice.

And a lot of the advice we uncover is useful.

But let this blog post serve as a reminder that sometimes it’s best to do things YOUR way.

Case in point…

After experiencing moderate sales of an ebook I wrote on how to quit your job the right way, I decided to make an effort to up my game. After all, I put a lot of hard work into this valuable resource and want to sell a gazillion of them. ;-)

So I started researching landing pages. I looked at successful examples, beautiful examples, efficient examples, and so on. I took the best from each and overhauled the landing page.

The results?

I went from selling a handful a week to ZILCH. ZIP. NADA. And the worst part is, I’ve seen traffic to the landing page rise! That means my tweaks, based on other people’s success, killed my conversion rate.

I’ve always beat to my own drum, and I think a lot of my success can be attributed to a unique attitude, perspective and approach to the projects I tackle.
My message here is that you need to be different in order to succeed

– Do not to get lost in SEO. Just write strong content.

– Be aware of the “competition” but do not bother to follow their “lead.”

– Have the courage to be unique. If you WANT to write about something, just do it, before someone else does!

– Get creative with blog layouts, images, color schemes, etc. Dare to be different!

– Don’t be scared to leave controversial comments on other blogs.

– Want to guest blog for another website? Shoot for the big boys!

Yes, there are certain tried and true methods that work that can increase the odds of success. But with those conformist ideas, also come a lower ceiling. If you want to aim for the sky, then start by setting yourself apart.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a landing page to work on!

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  1. greg urbano says: 10/29/2010

    landing page and dare to be different designs can keep a person busy for years!!!


  2. Roy Scribner ) says: 10/29/2010

    No doubt, Andrew, there’s a lot of nearly-identical advice out there about blogging. Truth is, there is no magic formula about post length, frequency, or content. If there was, our libraries would be pretty boring!


  3. David ) says: 10/29/2010

    Be useful to others and be entertaining. Also check what you are talking about to others online.
    Talk about what they want to talk about.


  4. TrafficColeman ) says: 11/1/2010

    Remember Andrew that we all started some where, and the road trip to the top of the mountain is long..but when you reach the top and see how beautiful the world will realize why you worked so hard.

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”


  5. sandy Brisbane ) says: 11/2/2010

    My finding exactly. I had mine linked to my ppc account and me spend went way up and my conversions stayed the same. Will have to do some work…


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