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Should You Blog On (WordPress)

When it comes to WordPress blogging, many new users want to “eat their cake and have it too.”

In other words, many want some of the freedom of using a WP centric host without having to sacrifice on server space, deal with various plugins or even pay a monthly fee for hosting.

Although (which is owned and operated by Automattic) does provide users with free hosting, many complain over the inability to use their own ads or being forced to pay a large fee in order to upload videos.

For those of you seeking to embrace a WordPress Centric host without having to shell out the big bucks, you might want to consider using a service under a highly prized domain name. Read More

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WordPress 3.1 Post Formats Guide

Lisa E. Sabin Wilson takes a look at the with WordPress 3.1 Beta introduced Post Formats in an extensive tutorial. In the post Lisa, from WordPress for Dummies fame, provides examples and the code to get you started with your own Post Formats for WordPress and even helps you on the way to get started at designing different styles for different post formats.

Read the tutorial at Lisa’s website.

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WP PDF Stamper Plugin: Brand Your eBooks with License Details

This commercial plugin allows users who wish to sell ebooks in PDF format to easily add a ‘Licensed to [customer name]’ footer to their ebooks in order to avoid file sharing of the ebook. PDFs can even be password protected automatically with the customer’s email address.
Priced at $39.95 this might be a great investment for anyone wishing to sell books.

The plugin offers integration with Paypal and WP eStore.

Check it out at Tips and Tricks HQ.

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The Small Business Blog: 3 Important Factors That Can Impede Success

A blog holds great business potential and an increasing number of small business owners are realizing the value of blogs for building brand establishment and providing increased levels of customer engagement. But creating and running a successful business blog is not simply a matter of setting up some web hosting, using a generic blog template, and throwing in some average content. There will need to be some serious planning, strategy, and resourcefulness in place if a small business ever hopes to provide a blog that will generate measurable results.

A small business blog needs to avoid certain marketing mistakes that could result in instant failure. There are 3 prime errors that many new business blogs fall foul of that leave a blog stranded, starved, and instantly obsolete.

The Business Blog Survival Guide

Here are 3 common mistakes small business blogs need to be careful of… Read More

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WordPress 3.1, Beta 1 Released for testing!

There’s a lot of new features on the new version of WP, but it’s still the same great system. WordPress have just announced that they’re releasing the Beta version of WP3.1 – it’s still in development, so they’re looking for people to break it – I mean find bugs!

The scheduled release date isn’t 100% clear yet, but their aiming for the end of this year, depending on the amount of bugs that are found.

Check out the article on the offical WP news page to find out what the new features are, how to become a Beta Test

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TikiPress, WordPress Event Ticketing Plugin

TikiPress is a small plug-in that was created for WordCamp, started in late 2009. As the coders themselves admitted it ‘wasn’t solid like a rock’, due to various time constraints and so on.

However, they are back, with a new version, which is now the ‘most advanced Ticketing Plugin available on WordPress’, combining eCommerce, with a complete marketing offer – so you can see offer early-bird and late-comer prices, sponsorship packages, merchandise and donations!

Features include:

  1. Collect payments for your event
  2. Set attendance limits / Ticket stock
  3. Collect attendee data on the Checkout Page via the TikiPress Survey Tool
  4. Collect Statistics about your event and monitor your ticket sales
  5. If a person buys more then 1 ticket (say 10 tickets), rather then completing 10 surveys for each Attendee, the buyer simply enters the email address for each additional Attendee. Each Attendee is then emailed a redemption coupon that they can use to complete / claim their ticket and enter their attendee date which is saved to their BuddyPress profile (awesome feature designed by Jeffry Ghazally & Jane Wells).
  6. Display an Attendee Page that integrates with Gravatars on your site. Simply add the Shortcode for an event to any WordPress page or post and it will create a page that looks like this example.
  7. TikiPress creates an Attendee stats page for administrators on an Event by Event basis.
  8. TikiPress creates an Attendee List PDF generator, this is new page accessible to Event Managers that they can use to create a list that they can use on the day to strike off Attendees as they arrive to your Event.
  9. TikiPress creates custom PDF badges and tickets for your event.

For more information, and screenshots of the plugin in use, have a look here

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Top Ten WordPress Contact Form Plugins

A great list of all available contact forms for WordPress.

Functional, attractive and working, these designs have it all – very important if you’re using a page for your business, or after a lot of feedback for an article or conversational piece. So instead of spending forever looking around at countless sites, I’m sure there’s something here for you!

There’s actually twelve plug-ins on this list, but since two are Premium, I’m sure that you don’t mind the difference. They’ll take usability and functionality to a whole other level.

Check out the list here.

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Evolution of Email

Ever wondered how email functions? This nowadays vital part of communication is a lot older than most people and email has actually already been around for 5 decades. The Infographiclabs team analysed how email functions, together with the history of email and more interesting facts. Below a teaser of the infographic, detailing how email actually functions.

See the complete infographic at The Blog Herald.

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Bloggers Cash in on Black Friday

It’s Black Friday. That means millions of people are hauled their overstuffed bellies to local retailers for the deepest discounts of the year. And you were so busy shopping for an LCD TV that you don’t need, that your forgot to leverage the power of seasonality — in this case, Black Friday — on your blog. Bad boy!

Bookmark this page for next year, cause if you are not riding the Black Friday wave on your blog, you’re missing a golden opportunity.

With millions of searches a month on each major search engine, all you need to do is get a little creative to grab a sliver of the pie. In the two weeks leading up to the shopping event, you should find every opportunity you can to talk up Black Friday. Don’t run a shopping blog? Who cares! You most likely don’t run a football blog but talk about the Super Bowl, right?

Lists and grids of where/when to find Black Friday deals always go viral on the Web. Do your part to help spread the word, and in the process, get your posts retweeted and shared. Talk about the discounts that will resonate with your audience. I’m not suggesting you stray from your blog’s niche, I’m encouraging you to find Black Friday content that is relevant to your audience and deliver. Read More

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New WP Version for Android

WordPress have realeased the latest version (V1.3.8) of the blogging platform for the Android Market, which has addressed a wide range of issues that have been raised by users.

You can now choose what the post status (Draft, Pending Review, Private or Publish) whilst editing or writing

They’ve also addressed a wide range of bugs:
* Fixed crash when adding media on Dell Streak
* Fixed crash when attempting to add a self-hosted site with an invalid blog URL
* Fixed local db problem when upgrading from a 1.0.x or 1.1.x version
* Updated Polish translation strings
* Fixed crash when trying to add a second blog from a account or WordPress multi-user install
* Fixed no-name blogs from showing as blank in the multi-user blog selection screen
* Comments Loading progress bar no longer hang

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