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4 Ways to Write Several Blog Posts at Once

We already know that list posts and bullet points are two techniques that resonate well with blog readers.

But that’s not why I choose to embrace the style.

I lean on these two writing techniques frequently because they allow me, as a writer, to work on multiple articles at once – and that’s a productivity score!

Here are several ways you can write several blog posts concurrently.

If you get stuck on a post, start writing another post. The key is to not stop. Give each blog a fresh page or document, that way, when it’s time to start writing it again, it’s clear where you left off. Start a log of incomplete blog posts. (I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve started a post, forgotten I did, and ended up rewriting it!)

Keep a running list of post ideas in a central location. We already know that blog post ideas can sprout from just about anywhere, but when it comes to keeping a roster of ideas (good, bad, or otherwise), it’s important to know where this information is stored. Keep a running list, and next time you come face to face with blogger’s block, you’ll be half way home.

Write down words, phrases, and random notes that you’d like to incorporate in future posts. Unlike a house, I find that sometimes writing a blog post does not require that the foundation be poured first. Stray thoughts are sometimes a good place to start.

Limit your research. Strong blog posts are well thought out and researched, but it does get to the point where enough is enough. Writing doesn’t happen by itself – and that next blog post will never exist if you research every little detail. Be accurate, but give give yourself a limit on how much time you will devote to secondary blog tasks. To that point, I personally like to add links and handle SEO as a secondary phase. My motto: Just write the article.

Bloggers are generally good jugglers. Do you write concurrent blog posts? If so, what tactics do you use?

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  1. greg urbano says: 11/9/2010

    some good simple advice to help keep me blogging!!


    • ganeshmuthiah says: 12/16/2010

      This is useful for my 3 post blog that still hanging for more post.
      As a beginner, i should be looking into Quality content.

      Thanks for the tips,


  2. Peter from Blogging Mechanics ) says: 11/9/2010

    Thanks for great advice. The one technique that I use for my blog posts is to set a list of questions that my audience might have. Usually I take 10 questions, and I create a blog posts around it. This is very helpful if you want to get the post to go viral.


  3. Josh Ray ) says: 11/9/2010

    I just started a blog at and I have found that ideas come to me when I least expect them sometimes. If I’m in my house or near a computer I like to login to WP, add new post, enter the title and maybe a sentence or two about what I was thinking and then save as a draft. That way it is on my dashboard staring at me next time I login and I won’t forget about it.


  4. Roy Scribner ) says: 11/9/2010

    That is definitely a key strategy of mine, Andrew. I know if I drop below about three “started-but-not-finished” posts in the hopper, then I am slacking-off and I need to sit down and write. Another challenge is realizing when a post that I’m writing is drifting away from the main point(s) and branching that off into two different posts, instead of rambling on.


  5. Warren ) says: 11/9/2010

    I used to get frustrated when a post wasn’t materializing into something I was looking for, and would get mad and highlight whatever text I had, and start over. I’m sure I deleted about 50 part posts before I started saving the pieces so that I might come back at them at a later date. I now have folders titled:
    Inside the published folder I keep my articles sorted by month, then date and title
    unpublished are just the inventory I keep for days I can’t think of anything (needs replenishing)
    and unfinished are all the pieces of articles I can use to get a head start since they contain a few hundred words on one topic or another.


  6. Terez ) says: 11/9/2010

    I’ve never ever tried this! I’m looking forward to giving it a shot because my mind is constantly going a million miles a minute, jumping from thought to thought. I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

    I do tend to write by sections. What I mean is I do not write sentence after sentence, paragraph after paragraph. I jump around according to what pops into my head. I type in thoughts I want to expand here and there, and I eventually create an intelligible blog post.


  7. jery says: 11/10/2010

    Thanks for this tips n great advice.
    This is very helpful


  8. Not John Chow says: 11/12/2010

    Simple post that is right on target. I keep a running lists of post in process. I also try to launch most posts on Monday or Thursday because that seems to be when my audience is ready.


  9. Susan says: 11/12/2010

    I just started my job search site and I like the idea of keeping a posting list. Thanks


  10. Funny pics facebook says: 11/12/2010

    That’s actually really helpful , i use chrome and get 4 tabs each where i write a post and when i dont have an idea in mind i switch to the other


  11. Dave ) says: 11/14/2010

    Great advice. Thank you!


  12. Charles Clay says: 11/18/2010

    This actually where you find twist. Why you need to post in several blogs once except you think to make your actual post is the same. Always be patient to give the information about your post which makes people trust.


  13. Honest Jay ) says: 11/27/2010

    Good points. I do number 1 all the time. Problem is I usually don’t go back to those articles that I’ve left off. Once the idea is stale it’s usually tough to get back where you left off. I think I have bunches of articles that need to be finished.


  14. Kapil ) says: 12/8/2010

    Nice to know.

    But I was wondering what’s the best editor (online or offline) to write articles on? Other than wordpress ‘new post’ page please!

    Let’s say, what’s the best blogging setup to increase speed of writing and publishing the post?

    I like Live Writer a lot but it doesn’t support ‘All-In-One SEO’ wordpress plugin and I don’t know any tweaks regarding this.

    Thanks everyone!


  15. SEO Thomas ) says: 12/20/2010

    The real question is “how do you rewrite a blog post several times” After I publish a post I like to build links to it.

    There are many ways and most require fresh content. Hence how do I rewrite the same thing?


  16. Darren says: 1/4/2011

    Thanks for the tips. I think the same applies to article writing. You can start writing one article, work on another article at the same time or multiple articles at the same go. Some may finish first and come back later to finish the other.


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