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6 Reasons Why I Am Thankful for Blogging

Americans around the world are gearing up for a day of family, friends, football and feasting; Thanksgiving Day is right around the bend. The holiday gives us a moment to shine the spotlight on the things we are grateful for. This year, I am particularly thankful for blogging. Let me tell you why…

- Blogging Reignited My Passion to Write. Early this century, my journalism degree was gathering dust. The digital revolution filled my professional and personal time to the point where I had no reason to write. But blogging opened a door to a world of writing…without an editor. My grammar might not be perfect and spelling errors, well, yeah, they happen. But removing the hurdle of having someone change what I wanted to say…a huge score!

- Blogging Builds Relationships. They may not be part of my inner circle, but I have formed some valuable and fulfilling relationships thanks to blogging. People from all corners of the world who never mince words and are always generous with their time.

- Bogging Is a FREE Hobby. With no equipment necessary, no entry fees and no expensive “collectibles,” blogging is an economical hobby, one that fills time in a positive way — without draining your bank account. I might be playing less tennis, but this sure beats collecting baseball cards!

- Blogging Puts Me on the Path to Self-Employment. It won’t happen overnight, and it might never come to fruition, but, blogging puts everyone on the path the potential self-employment. The greatest part is that you can transition as slowly (or quickly) as you like.

- Blogging Lets Me Tap Into My Creativity. The root of blogging is killer content, but the branches are endless. From layout to imagery to making money, a good blogger must be a quick thinker – someone who is willing to let their creative juices slop all over the floor.

- Blogging is Therapeutic. And it costs less than therapy. As a blogger you get to air your grievances publicly and have the world comment. You meet some folks who agree with your position and others who oppose – but this dialogue can help you blow off some serious steam.

So this year, I am grateful for so many things, and blogging is on the list!

What aspect of blogging are you most grateful for?

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  1. greg urbano says: 11/19/2010

    hobby, creativity both ring true with me, never see this as a way to make money but it sure is fun for me, both posting and commenting!



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