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Blog Tip: Write Like You’re Someone Else

Have you ever pretended to be someone else? I don’t mean on Halloween, I’m talking about the other 364 days of the year. If the answer is yes, you’re either a weirdo or a criminal…

No! Perhaps you are just a perfectly “normal” blogger struggling for content ideas. Because when you are stuck, sometimes there’s no better way to slip free than to pretend you are someone else.

When I am behind the 8-ball on ideas, I slip on another outfit…another perspective…another person! That’s right, on occasion, I’m a 100lb. vegan woman writing in a pink dress.

OK, so I forgo the apparel, but I do write the post as another person. Same niche, different attitude. It’s amazing what this role playing exercise can do for your blog!

From the title you choose, to the viewpoint that you take, the key is to consistently be that person for the entire post process. Add links to articles that they would like; choose tags the way they would see it; speak in their voice.

It might sound weird, but you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

You know that indecision you have when a group is trying to figure out where to eat dinner? Well, I always try to remember that it’s not my last meal – so it’s important to try something new. The beauty of blogging is that there’s always another post around the corner.

So who are you going to be? A family member? Friend? Superstar? A blogger you admire?

Pick someone fun! And most importantly, enjoy the process!

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  1. Scott Hampton ) says: 11/23/2010

    Very interesting. I like the concept of using something to force those creative juices to flow. I don’t write as another person, though. For me, the key is to know my creative process and work within that to drum up the creativity. I linger on each step and really encourage each step to develop before moving on. It works for me :)

    Good article, though. Thanks for posting!


  2. Davina K. Brewer ) says: 11/24/2010

    If you find yourself writing the same things, the same ways then it’s smart to write from a different perspective, maybe find a voice you didn’t know you had. Hmm.. can’t decide who I know well enough to impersonate but this gives me some good ideas, thanks.


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