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Bloggers Cash in on Black Friday

It’s Black Friday. That means millions of people are hauled their overstuffed bellies to local retailers for the deepest discounts of the year. And you were so busy shopping for an LCD TV that you don’t need, that your forgot to leverage the power of seasonality — in this case, Black Friday — on your blog. Bad boy!

Bookmark this page for next year, cause if you are not riding the Black Friday wave on your blog, you’re missing a golden opportunity.

With millions of searches a month on each major search engine, all you need to do is get a little creative to grab a sliver of the pie. In the two weeks leading up to the shopping event, you should find every opportunity you can to talk up Black Friday. Don’t run a shopping blog? Who cares! You most likely don’t run a football blog but talk about the Super Bowl, right?

Lists and grids of where/when to find Black Friday deals always go viral on the Web. Do your part to help spread the word, and in the process, get your posts retweeted and shared. Talk about the discounts that will resonate with your audience. I’m not suggesting you stray from your blog’s niche, I’m encouraging you to find Black Friday content that is relevant to your audience and deliver.


Forums and comments are two great places to get some extra traffic to your blog, yet they are often overlooked. Use Black Friday and the holiday season, times when forums are bustling, to drive traffic your way. Check out FatWallet, Slick Deals or any of the other major discount forums.


Get a great deal? Talk it up! Not only will your audience (likely like-minded people) appreciate the Black Friday tip, but you can get some SEO love in the process.


Most bloggers complain that there is little money to be made with affiliate programs. However, if you were ever going to give these money-makers another chance – Black Friday is the time. With so many people buying things online, you have a chance to entice people into a purchase where you get a piece of the action. I always give Amazon Associates a chance to shine this time of year.

Black Friday has long legs. Surprisingly, people seem to be searching for it and talking about all year long. If you are not blogging about it, you are missing out.

P.S. – Don’t forget about Cyber Monday!

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  1. greg urbano says: 11/25/2010

    who has time to blog on black friday ?! we will all be out shopping, no wait online shopping, never mind!


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