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Top Ten WordPress Contact Form Plugins

A great list of all available contact forms for WordPress.

Functional, attractive and working, these designs have it all – very important if you’re using a page for your business, or after a lot of feedback for an article or conversational piece. So instead of spending forever looking around at countless sites, I’m sure there’s something here for you!

There’s actually twelve plug-ins on this list, but since two are Premium, I’m sure that you don’t mind the difference. They’ll take usability and functionality to a whole other level.

Check out the list here.

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  1. Catalyst Theme says: 11/27/2010

    Contact Form 7 reigns supreme for me. Just does everything you need it to.


  2. Catalyst Theme Coupon says: 12/15/2010

    Before I even looked at the Top Ten list I already had contact form 7 at the top of my list and it does everything that I need. For smaller requirements Easy contact was my next choice. I have not tried the others but I will take a look at them when time permits.



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