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Business Logs

BusinessLogs is Splashpress Media’s popular design studio. In the game since many years already, the crew is responsible for popular designs such as Freelance Writing Jobs, ForeverGeek and

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Infographics Design

Infographiclabs is a new service recently launched by Splashpress Media. The team have designed many popular and successful infographics and are a great fit for anyone wanting to create a viral short term campaign.

The Infographiclabs crew also designed the popular infographics released here at BloggingPro.

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Blogging Pitfalls: How to Avoid Email Overload

Gmail LogoEmail overload is a burden that affects digital workers of all stripes, not just bloggers. However, bloggers are especially susceptible, especially as their site grows and more people wish to get in touch with them.

Not only does the public nature of blogging act as an open invitation for this problem but many seem to be caught off guard by it, having grown comfortable with the relatively low volume of mail that newness and obscurity brings with it.

To make matters worse, thanks to social media, IM and other communication methods, there’s actually less time to spend on email than ever before as our private communications are divided up among more channels than ever.

But, as almost any cubicle dweller can tell you, email isn’t going anywhere as a method of communication and it is best to learn how to deal with it now because it won’t get any easier the more popular that you get.

In short, this one could be a growing problem and one that does more harm to your blogging than good. Read More

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4 Ways to Write Several Blog Posts at Once

We already know that list posts and bullet points are two techniques that resonate well with blog readers.

But that’s not why I choose to embrace the style.

I lean on these two writing techniques frequently because they allow me, as a writer, to work on multiple articles at once – and that’s a productivity score!

Here are several ways you can write several blog posts concurrently.

If you get stuck on a post, start writing another post. The key is to not stop. Give each blog a fresh page or document, that way, when it’s time to start writing it again, it’s clear where you left off. Start a log of incomplete blog posts. (I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve started a post, forgotten I did, and ended up rewriting it!) Read More

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Win a free Camstasia license

Various tools have been developed in recent times to help people in their amateur director ventures. Camtasia, a program which we reviewed for you recently, is currently one of the most popular tools for the purpose of direct screen capture. It’s a convenient and intuitive program that allows you to record whatever’s happening on your screen and share it with the rest of the world.

It comes together with a basic editor to help you spice up those videos before letting them out, as well as a highly intuitive interface that can help you learn the program in just a few tries! There are a variety of recording options that allow you to capture the full screen, window or region. It’s been designed around the simple idea of being able to make high quality screencasts with ease, making your adjustments, and sharing your video with ease!

After recently sponsoring one of our Infographics about the history of online video, Techsmith have been kind enough to give you a chance to get your hands on your own copy of Camtasia either for Windows or Mac, completely free, so we’re setting up a contest for you, our readers! The rules are extremely simple and with just a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to a chance of winning your personal copy of Camtasia, so that you can record your screen and turn your presentations into something truly captivating. The conditions for applying are simple, retweet this post and follow Bloggingpro and 2 winners will be chosen at random. Closing date will be midnight EST on Monday, November 8th.

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How to Successfully Engage in Useful Communication With Your Followers

Notes..... Leave your NOTES HEREIf you’ve ever gone to the trouble of starting a blog or developing a mailing list of some kind, you’ll know that getting an audience is only half the battle. Once you’ve managed to draw readers in, you need to make sure you keep them, which is usually done by regularly providing meaningful or amusing content to help them pass the time.

Then when you have a captive audience, you need to find a way to encouraged them to actually engage with you and your website. Having a passive audience isn’t much use to anybody: it may help bring in a handful of dollars, but unless the readership becomes actively engaged in some way, a huge percentage of your potential sales and marketing will go to waste.

Nowadays people are pretty net savvy; they mentally block out the overabundance of ads and sales literature they see online everyday. Which is why first you need to make sure your readers trust you, by providing great content – ideally in a way that calls for an active response from the viewers, as that will help to form bonds of community between members of your site (or list), making them more receptive to your future requests or sales pitches.

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Where Are Blog Post Ideas Born?

Have you ever had a blank screen or bare page laugh at you? I have. Bouts of blogger’s block, no matter how brief, can be difficult periods to navigate. In my conversations with bloggers, it appears that one of the biggest contributing factors leading to a writing dry spell is a lack of blog post ideas.

An idea for a blog post can strike anytime, anywhere. It’s your job to be ready to catch the idea, remember the idea, and turn the idea into a blog post. Here are a few places that I like to brainstorm:

THE SHOWER. Visit the children’s aisle at your local toy store and pick up some “bathtime crayons.” These will enable you to scribble temporary notes on bathroom tiles. If you’re looking for something more permanent, try to track down a diver’s pad.

THE COMMUTE. Whether you are behind the wheel stuck in traffic or chugging along on a train, the commute to work is often the only time we get to ourselves all day. This can lead to a clear mind, one conducive to idea generation. Keep a small pad and/or an audio recorder with you at all times — just keep your eyes on the road! Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: Why Comments and Community Are Important

Photo of a Group

Every blogger wants to be the star of their site. One doesn’t usually go through the time to create a site and write for it regularly with the intention of have others show them up and become what matters the most.

However, nearly all successful blogs are something of a collaborative effort between the blogger and their community. Commenters, forum posters and other community members no only help encourage others to visit the site, produce additional (free) content for it and expand the conversation/discussion on everything you write about, but they more importantly add a layer of depth to your writing by bringing in outside viewpoints, something no person can get alone.

Unfortunately, a lack of comments may be turning your visitors away from your site and it can be extremely discouraging for a blogger to put a great deal of work into a post only to find thousands of people read it and almost none take the time to say a few lines.

For a healthy blog, community is crucial and if you don’t work to grow it, you may find that your site is left in the dust as others in the niche race ahead to do bigger, better things.

Read More

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How Probloggers Can Generate Cash From The Comment Section

When it comes to seeking out new forms of revenue, most bloggers choose to overload their blogs with advertisements, with a few brave souls charging for content or experimenting with job boards.

Although there are numerous other ways to generate extra revenue through blogging, most bloggers rarely think about finding ways to generate comments from their comments section, which (for obvious reasons) receives a lot of attention from readers.

While probloggers should always be cautious about these ideas listed below (i.e. know your audience), here are three suggestions for those of you attempting to maximize revenue upon your blog. Read More

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