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New VaultPress Security Premium Security Plugin

A Premium Security Plugin for VaultPress users.

Security on your WordPress page is going to be pretty high – hopefully you’ll have a passion for blogging, or maybe even use a wide range of WordPress sites as client sites if you’re a designer or developer, so if you’re offering a service to someone, why not offer the best you can get for Security on the page.

Once included on your page, an initial scan sets a baseline for the files, and any changes to the 750+ core files are notified on the Security Tab of VaultPress. From here, you can then notify the VaultPress team, and they’ll give you help and assistance in locating and correcting the problem

More information about VaultPress new security plugin here or read Darnel’s review on The Blog Herald.

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  1. Lisa Long ) says: 4/28/2011

    What about all the non-WordPress sites? Matt Cutts from Google just tweeted about an alternative to VaultPress that can monitor and backup *all* sites for a fraction of the cost. ( Check out the beta at with “BLOGPRO” as the code.


  2. Jesse Dziedzic says: 10/20/2011

    Youre totally right with this piece!


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