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Rookie Mistakes That Could Be Turning Readers Away From Your Blog

Your blog is up and running, and you have written several posts that touch on what you feel are meaningful topics. So why is your traffic counter stagnating and why do none of your posts have any comments from visitors? If you are experiencing these issues, you could be committing some rookie mistakes that could be turning readers away from your blog.

1. Your advertisements of your blog did not generate interest, but rather disgust. Commenting on blog posts of others is a great way to bring attention to your blog. However, if you have been shamelessly promoting your blog through your comments and not adding anything of value to the conversation, then you could actually be deterring people from visiting your site. Shameless promotion includes not commenting on what the blog author has to say and instead only leaving a link demanding that others visit your blog. This is disrespectful and arrogant, and many bloggers will delete such comments immediately. Even those that are left intact do not often see much traffic because visitors may see your self-promotion as being akin to “spam,” or an unsolicited advertisement, damaging the reputation of your blog.

Instead of leaving “spammy” advertisements for your blog, consider leaving a more constructive comment and adding your blog address at the end. For example, say something about what the author wrote and tack on a request for the author and other visitors to check out your blog as well. When you leave meaningful comments and polite visit requests, you will be more likely to see an increase in your traffic count.

2. Your posts are poorly written and poorly edited. While you will certainly not have your old English teacher visiting your blog to berate you for every misspelled word, the proper usage of grammar is still important when it comes to your posts. The simple fact is that a poorly written and edited post is difficult to read, and visitors typically do not like to struggle to read blog posts. Make sure that you are writing clearly, spelling correctly, using correct grammar, and otherwise not making your writing hard to understand. Always capitalize when beginning a new sentence, use your punctuation marks correctly, and avoid using too many abbreviations or slang terms that your readers may not recognize. Likewise, it is also not a good idea to write in a too-scholarly tone if you are not writing an academic blog. Blogs are usually a casual atmosphere, so your blog entries should read just as if you were speaking to a peer. Do not make it too hard for your visitors to read what you have to say.

3. Your design is hard on the eyes. A good blog design is a great way to attract new visitors. Conversely, a bad blog design can cause visitors to leave your blog before they even read anything. Avoid too-flashy elements like animated pictures, loud music that automatically plays when a visitor opens your page, or clashing text and images. These things can cause your visitors to automatically exit your page because just like how visitors do not want to trudge through bad writing to figure out what you are trying to say, they also do not want to sort through bad design to get to your posts. When you are creating your blog, keep the design simple unless you are already an expert in visual communication and web design. Avoid using fonts and colors that are hard to read, and always break up long paragraphs into smaller chunks to make them more aesthetically appealing. If you have trouble deciding what to do for your blog design, consider hiring a web designer to make over your site for you or looking at blogs you like going to and looking at how their design is laid out.

Remember to always be respectful when advertising your own blog, and be wary of your writing clarity and design skills. With these easy fixes, you can be drawing traffic back to your site in no time!

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  1. Scott Hampton ) says: 12/3/2010

    True post. I believe another reason is that the “rookie” may be tackling the same material that a more “Seasoned” blogger (or website) may cover, thereby coming across as “fake” or “copying”. Nobody wants to read a faker copying what the big boys are blogging about.

    Persistence (and continual learning) will help the rookie blogger advance and develop an audience.


  2. Ramona ) says: 12/4/2010

    Getting a blog off ground is SUPER HARD these days. Even if I’ve worked a lot on my project, I still see a slow increase in traffic and exposure, something I am not really used to. Still, as you say, although commenting is one of the best ways to get our blogs our there, posting low quality comments will surely hurt the blog on the long run. Good content, updated frequently, a pleasant non-intrusive look and decency in promoting will give results. It’s a slow process, but it works.


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