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Know Your Blog’s Tone

We’ve already established that guest posts are a great way to beef up your blog’s content. But there is a trap…

Even you are fortunate enough to have the best writers in the world contribute guest posts to your blog, it is rare to get a well-written article that also matches your blog’s tone. It’s this tone – the vibe and tenor of your articles – that helps set you apart in an overcrowded blogosphere. Consistent editorial tone is an essential component of success; you need look no farther than TV, moves and magazines.

Here are a few ways to ensure that your blog’s tone is consistent.

If you accept guest posts, make it a requirement that the writer attempts to mirror the tone you have set. Make their life easier by providing a link or two to previous content that hits the mark.

Establish with the guest poster that you have the right to edit as you see fit. As a blog editor, part of your process should be to address tone be re-writing posts as necessary. Without a consistent tone, you are just another blog.

If a blog post, either written by you or someone else, does not have the tone/edge/bite you require, then do not post the blog. Subscribers expect consistency and new readers need to see what sets your blog apart.

Establish a bullet-point list that serves as a “tone recipe.” For example:

– Sarcastic
– Controversial
– Conversational

Keep it handy and consult it before you hit the “publish” button.

If you do decide to publish a post that is uncharacteristic of your blog, let your readers know at the start. Sometimes giving the guest blogger credit is enough – sometimes it’s not.

Can you describe your blog’s tone in three words? If so, please share below. If not – you have some homework!

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  1. Jennifer Brown Banks ) says: 12/7/2010


    This is an excellent post with excellent points. It’s also something that many good writers that juggle multiple clients and projects might struggle with. The reason? Sometimes the blog’s tone isn’t quite clear, or the blogger feels that he might have to compromise his style of expression or the integrity of his work in an effort to match tone. Or the “tone” might not be well suited for the subject matter. That’s just my two cents…


  2. greg urbano says: 12/8/2010

    good advice for a blog with guest posting


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