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How to Fill 7 Time Dead Zones With Blogging

Life is filled with “time sucks,” periods where our time is wasted. Since life is short and blogging success is closely linked to productivity, we recommend turning these time wasters into blogging opportunities.


My Zen hero Thich Nhat Hanh often tells readers to use red lights as a reminder to breathe yourself back into the present moment. A clear mind will lead to great blog post ideas. Instead of sitting idly for 30 seconds thumbing at the radio, use the time you spend at red lights and stop signs to breathe deeply.


When you go to see a doctor or dentist, there’s a good chance you’ll be waiting. Rather than reading a three-month old sports magazine you could care less about, take out your thin Moleskin pad and start on your next blog post.


The person in front of you is pulling out their coupon pouch, so you know it’s going to be awhile! Might as well get your thumbs cracking and text message yourself a few notes for future blog entries.

Whether it’s your buddy picking up the other line or some hideous customer service rep subjecting you to Kenny G., it’s rare to have a phone conversation these days without getting put on hold. Use the time to pull up your latest Web stats, research SEO or unsubscribe from annoying spam. Oh, and if you’re put on hold for more than 90 seconds – hang up.

If you are still resisting DVR and watching live TV, you are wasting your time! After you grab a snack and empty your bladder, start blogging before your show comes back. By the time you add up all of the ads, you could write a post during a 30-minute sitcom.

I don’t view sleep as a “time suck,” but hitting the snooze button is! Get your butt out of bed and face the day head on!


Engaging in gossip is a no-no. Not only does it waste your time, but you are aiding and abetting the spread of information that has the potential to hurt other people. Don’t engage, use the time to blog instead.

So if you’re sitting there waiting for your PC to boot up, you are wasting time! Fill the gaps with blogging tasks and you will never lose another second!

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  1. greg urbano says: 12/14/2010



  2. Adam says: 12/14/2010

    I use Evernote on my Droid X to jot down blog post ideas. That way I can work on them everywhere. From sitting at a red light to waiting in lines I can be productive.


  3. TrafficColeman ) says: 12/14/2010

    Andrew..that was great bro..and yes that time do add up..I’m a big believe in time management..I stress this to my clients.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”


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