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Should WordPress Bloggers Use Blogger As A Backup?

No, I’m not referring to using Blogger (aka Blog*Spot) as your backup, as you should already be using a dedicated service designed to backup your blog.

Rather I am referring to using Blogger to host a replica of your site online (technically referred to as a mirror site by professional geeks) just in case your blog site goes under due to heavy traffic, hackers or (worse) a renegade plugin that is not up to date.

While the idea of using Blogger as an online backup may not suite everyone (as you will see from the reasons below), certain bloggers sporting WordPress users may need to consider creating a subdomain (or even leaving the “.blogspot” on) if your site falls underneath these criteria. Read More

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How to Fill 7 Time Dead Zones With Blogging

Life is filled with “time sucks,” periods where our time is wasted. Since life is short and blogging success is closely linked to productivity, we recommend turning these time wasters into blogging opportunities.


My Zen hero Thich Nhat Hanh often tells readers to use red lights as a reminder to breathe yourself back into the present moment. A clear mind will lead to great blog post ideas. Instead of sitting idly for 30 seconds thumbing at the radio, use the time you spend at red lights and stop signs to breathe deeply.


When you go to see a doctor or dentist, there’s a good chance you’ll be waiting. Rather than reading a three-month old sports magazine you could care less about, take out your thin Moleskin pad and start on your next blog post. Read More

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Get a New Blog Logo From Logo Mojo

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Logo Mojo. All opinions are 100% mine.


As design programs like PhotoShop have dropped in price and left the cardboard box for robust Web-based versions, everyone seems to fashion themselves a designer. Need proof? Look no further than your favorite blog. For the record, resizing an image or creating a banner ad does NOT make you a designer.

When it comes to representing your brand, and YOU are your brand, bloggers need art help from the professionals.

Enter Logo Mojo.

Since 1992 Logo Mojo has designed over 45,000 logos. That means you’ve likely already seen their work!

Logo packages start at $195, and unlike hiring random groups from eLance or oDesk, every design is conducted in-house — nothing is outsourced! Yet because of the volume and quality of work these guys do, you will pay “outsource” prices.

What I like about Logo Mojo is their established Web presence. This is important because their website clearly illustrates what each package includes, how the process works, and what the final deliverables are. You can chat for customer service and even see a picture of their HQ.

Every logo package comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means you get unlimited logo changes until you are totally and positively happy.

Already have a logo? Fear not! A special “revamp” package can help breathe new life into an already existing logo. Well-established brands like Apple and Pepsi are always evolving their logo and you should too.

From business cards to calendars, let the gang at Logo Mojo make your blog look like it’s hit the big time – after all, image on the Web is a big part of achieving success.

Logo Mojo does great work, but we dig the most about these guys is their transparency. As a customer, nothing is left to guess. The entire logo design process is broken down step by step. And you own all the logo design rights!

Logo Mojo Even if your blog is up to snuff, Logo Mojo can also help with your social media presence. From Twitter and Facebook profile images to background wallpapers, these guys can get your look consistent and enable you to put your best foot forward in the online space.

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How to Attract Influencers to Your Blog

There are many theories as to what makes a blog successful. Creative writers will tell you that content is king. Graphic artists will swear that it’s the blog’s design that sets it apart. Technical experts will swear that a using a combination of the best hosting services and unique coding will really make your blog stand out. But unfortunately, even if you’re an excellent writer or a technical genius, you may still feel as though you’re writing in a vacuum. But frustrating as this may be, it doesn’t mean that your blog will be eternally relegated to the bottom of the blogosphere. With a bit of strategizing and effort you can tip the scales so that instead of getting lost in cyberspace your great content will find its way to influencers who can share it with a wider audience.

Identifying Great Influencers
It may sound obvious, but the first step to take when identifying influencers that will share your content is to look for influencers in your niche. While it’s always nice to have fans in other niches, the people that will really be able to share your content with an interested audience are those who serve your niche or a parallel niche. Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: Why You Need to Know HTML & CSS

Keyboard ImageIt wasn’t that long ago that starting up a website required a great deal of expertise, time and commitment. There was a reason that those who created sites in the early days of the Web were stereotyped as “dorks” and “nerds”, it was because you had to know HTML, the ins and outs of site construction and at least a decent amount about how the Web worked just to get a basic site off the ground.

However, for Web development, the march of technology has been toward simplicity and ease of use. Blogging and Web publishing in general are both more approachable than ever. Not only can one set up a Facebook account in minutes but they can do the same with a account or a Tumblr blog as well.

In short, anyone who wants to publish a blog can easily do so and almost no experience is required, just the ability to fill in a short form and write some new content.

But this doesn’t mean we’ve gotten away from HTML and CSS being a requirement for creating a successful site. Not knowing these languages can be very detrimental to your site and not only keeps great content from finding the audience it deserves, but can actually cripple your site in ways you can’t predict.

Simply put, if you don’t know HTML and CSS, at least to a minimal extent, you are holding your blog back and gambling with its future.

Read More

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Why WordPress Bloggers Need To Choose Premium Plugins Over Free

When it comes to investing in your WordPress blog, there are many users who are willing to spend the cash in order to gain access to premium themes, quality hosting or (for the guru’s out there) a CDN service in order to ensure that your site loads quickly regardless of where your readers live.

However when it comes to WordPress plugins, many users not only expect that these remain free, but also demand that plugins be actively supported as well as compatible with the latest WordPress update.

Since the idea of spending money for plugins is probably a foreign (if not ridiculous) option to most WordPress lovers, here are a few points why you should always choose premium plugins over free (within reason of course). Read More

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Know Your Blog’s Tone

We’ve already established that guest posts are a great way to beef up your blog’s content. But there is a trap…

Even you are fortunate enough to have the best writers in the world contribute guest posts to your blog, it is rare to get a well-written article that also matches your blog’s tone. It’s this tone – the vibe and tenor of your articles – that helps set you apart in an overcrowded blogosphere. Consistent editorial tone is an essential component of success; you need look no farther than TV, moves and magazines.

Here are a few ways to ensure that your blog’s tone is consistent. Read More

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Are You On Blogging Autopilot?

Do you ever catch yourself not living enough?

At some point, we’re all guilty of it; going through life and simply getting through the day.

As you already know, this is no way to live life.

You might be on autopilot if you are…

– Worried about word counts
– Struggling for post ideas
– Writing right up against a deadline
– Letting your post consistency slip
– Relying heavily on publishing guest blogs
– Treating external links as an afterthought
– Not actively networking with other bloggers

If you said ‘yes’ to more than two of the above items, you could be coasting…and that’s a dangerous recipe for mediocrity.
Read More

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Rookie Mistakes That Could Be Turning Readers Away From Your Blog

Your blog is up and running, and you have written several posts that touch on what you feel are meaningful topics. So why is your traffic counter stagnating and why do none of your posts have any comments from visitors? If you are experiencing these issues, you could be committing some rookie mistakes that could be turning readers away from your blog.

1. Your advertisements of your blog did not generate interest, but rather disgust. Commenting on blog posts of others is a great way to bring attention to your blog. However, if you have been shamelessly promoting your blog through your comments and not adding anything of value to the conversation, then you could actually be deterring people from visiting your site. Shameless promotion includes not commenting on what the blog author has to say and instead only leaving a link demanding that others visit your blog. Read More

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New VaultPress Security Premium Security Plugin

A Premium Security Plugin for VaultPress users.

Security on your WordPress page is going to be pretty high – hopefully you’ll have a passion for blogging, or maybe even use a wide range of WordPress sites as client sites if you’re a designer or developer, so if you’re offering a service to someone, why not offer the best you can get for Security on the page.

Once included on your page, an initial scan sets a baseline for the files, and any changes to the 750+ core files are notified on the Security Tab of VaultPress. From here, you can then notify the VaultPress team, and they’ll give you help and assistance in locating and correcting the problem

More information about VaultPress new security plugin here or read Darnel’s review on The Blog Herald.

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