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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (December 26-30)

Blogging Pro Job BoardThis is it! The last working day of 2011 for most of us. I hope that you end the year right and start the new year on a positive note.

Here are the highlights from this week’s job board.

Freelance HTML & App Developer

How often do you use your iPad? Do you find yourself wishing that there were better apps out there? Why not develop your own amazing apps and get paid while doing so? Read More

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InstaBG Creates Awesome Instagram Backgrounds For Your Twitter Account

InstaBG for Twitter

As a frequent user of Twitter I often find myself changing between custom, twitter created and photo backgrounds in an attempt to spice up my account, however all of that update can be time consuming and given the requirements for creating a nice background a little bit frustrating. That’s where InstaBG comes into play.

The premise begin InstaBG is simple, users sign into their Twitter account, provide the program with access to that account and then choose which InstaBG photos to include via their backgrounds based on various criteria.

After logging in users will see the following screen:

Starting the process is then simple, users just choose the target photos they want to display, for example “All” photos will choose all Instagram photos as they show while “User ID” allows users to show only photos from any user they choose. The programs also offers a variety of categories such as “Pets” and “Baby” among others (still fairly selective). In my case I used “Tags” and chose my area of specialty “Technology.” Read More

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Better Blog

Fireworks ImageIt’s getting to be that time of year: The holidays are done, the calendar is preparing to roll over to a new year and everyone is looking for a fresh start. Even if 2011 was a great year, upon reflection, there is always room for improvement and the New Year, though really just another date, is a powerful moment psychologically and a great chance to start.

So, whether, you’re looking to get in shape, save money or start a new hobby with the new year, you may want to look at adding a few resolutions aimed at helping you grow your blog and online presence.

Best of all, these are resolutions that are simple and easy to keep, meaning that they may stick around long after you’ve abandoned some of you other well-intended changes.

So, if you’re looking for easy ways to improve your site in 2012, here are just a few suggestions you can commit to right now. Read More

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Finding the Right Keywords for Your Blog in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you’re starting a small business blog or simply looking to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, think keywords. Actually, think specific keywords. Many bloggers don’t realize that finding the right keywords is the key to getting on the top of that search engine page. If you are hoping that when people search for the word “clothing” they are going to see your website at the top of Google, think again. When you type in “clothing” to Google, 1,970,000,000 results pop up. In other words, even if you’re trying your hardest, you’re not going to make it to page one unless you have a few years to spare.

When thinking about search engine optimization, your time is best spent coming up with the right keywords to target. This may seem easy at first, but there are actually quite a few steps a blog should take before putting all of their resources into one keyword.

Read More

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Blogging Interaction: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For User Engagement

Blog EngagementYour blog is only as good as the content you create, I’m sure by now you’ve heard it a thousand times “content is king” and while it’s true that naturally written content with plenty of information will help you score better with Google, Yahoo and other search engines, the real king of a good website is “user engagement.”

While websites use to be able to rely on static content that very rarely left the website, these days that’s simply not the case. When attempting to have your content read, ranked and distributed you really need engagement, thankfully there are some really simple writing and blogging devices we can use to increase your websites overall engagement.

1. Ask For User Engagement

You’ve just written a 2,000 word investigative piece on New York City corruption and while you’ve received a few thousand hits on the piece there’s still no comments to be had. So where exactly did you go wrong? It many cases bloggers simply don’t ask their readers to engage. At the end of my posts, whether there about New York City politics or a new gadget from Sony I always ask a question that was either unresolved in my post or that I believe will generate left/right chatter from groups that don’t necessary agree with one another.

Admittedly simply asking questions at the end of the post mostly helps sites with a regular reader base since those people are already more invested in your blog. Read More

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Why Creating an Editorial Calendar Should Be a Priority

Tiempo, tiempo, tiempoYou run a blog, and it is great. While it used to be a simple hobby, usually seen more as a personal journal on the web than anything of practical use, there are endless opportunities that come along with today’s blogging system.

All of this includes a great deal of exposure, even if you are just starting out. Changes in search engines have brought the smallest of blogs onto everyone’s radar.

Most of your concern is going to be divided between content and marketing. These two factors will dictate whether or not you are being followed by a large-enough number to make it a business. If you are a freelancer of any description, it could also be what makes all the difference between getting and not getting that dream project. It is your livelihood at stake. Read More

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Blogging Pro Job Board Highlights (December 19-23)

Blogging Pro Job BoardOne more night, and it’s Christmas Eve! Have you wrapped up your presents yet? I am only going to start after this post. :)

I wish you all a Christmas full of blessings and the love of people important to you! Oh, and lots of new jobs for the new year, too!

Part-time Technical Writer

Want a steady part-time job in the next 3 to 4 months? Based in St. Paul, MN? Check out this job for a technical writer. You need to be able to come up with a step-by-step process documentation. It shouldn’t be too hard, yes? Read More

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5 New WordPress Plugins For Developing A Nice Looking And Smarter Blog

WP Plugins for BloggersI am not an advocate for WordPress plugins, most of the time users go overboard with their installation and in turn WordPress sites become server intensive power hogs that are slow to load and hard to administer. With that being said there are a handful of new plugins this week that attempt to make a developers life easier, both by speeding up a WordPress installation and by allowing for simple output protocols to be achieved.

Here are 5 new WordPress plugins for developing a faster and smarter blog.

1. WP Separate CSS

As a fan of tweaking my websites design on a fairly regular basis I often find that purchased themes pose one significant problem, whenever an update is made available some developers provide all new files for that theme. Unfortunate that means If I update the theme without backing up the CSS file I lose all of the changes that made the theme my own. WP Separate CSS solves this problem by allowing users to create a separate CSS file that is then added into the theme’s CSS output. Simply upload the program, create a .CSS file within the plugins folder and edit that file instead of the typical style.css and other files. Once the .css file is saved the changes are loaded alongside the templates .css files. Read More

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5 Article Ideas That Can Always Be Made Original

A big part of blogging is informing the public, but a bigger part of blogging is showing your originality. Whether it is your own blog or a blog where you’d like to guest post, your articles are helping to build your personal brand. If you know anything about branding, you know that standing out with something unique is important. When dealing with your personal brand and the way people view you as an individual (as opposed to a company), it feels so much more important to be unique with different article ideas. Unfortunately, the millions of blogs make this goal seem unattainable.

Writers block is common even for the most creative people in the blogging community. It seems as though every article idea is already out there for people to read. However, this is not something that should discourage you from writing. The truth is this: You’re blog will be unique simply because you are writing it. That right there makes it different. In other words, you can take a generic article idea and make it your own using different language and even different information.

Read More

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How To Create A Media Kit That Produces Results




Bloggers “sell themselves” to their readers every single day, they do so by being honest about their opinions and writing factual articles that serve the niche for which they write, however despite the ability of bloggers to sell themselves to readers they often do not sell themselves well to advertisers, company’s looking for product reviews and even other bloggers. The biggest pitfall in this area comes from a lack of a decent media kit.

What Is A Media Kit

In it’s most basic of terms a Media Kit is a page on a website or a file that can be sent to potential advertisers that explains why they should be willing to pay for ad space, product review and other types of advertising on your website. Read More

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