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WP Quick Deploy, The Ultimate WordPress Setup Plugin

Many of us tend to install blog after blog and every time have to upload a series of WordPress plugins every time or browse through the plugin installer. A tedious and long task, especially for those of you who love running 60 plugins on every single blog.

Vladimir Prelovac, serial plugin developer, has created WP Quick Deploy, a plugin which will soon become your favourite WordPress install assistant.

WordPress Quick Deploy by Vladimir Prelovac

The plugin lets you browse a well curated selection of WordPress plugins which then can be installed all at once. Check the plugin page for more information.

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  1. Bash Bosh ) says: 1/27/2011

    Didnt know something like this exists. Thank you for sharing this great plugin! Vladimir Prelovac is one of my favorite WP plugin developer… has some very good and effective plugins indeed.


  2. Matthew Sweet ) says: 1/27/2011

    Wow! I have been waiting for something like this for ages! Much easier than uploading a directory of old plugins and upgrading them, or searching for each plugin and installing.


  3. Thomas ) says: 1/27/2011

    Thanks for sharing this awesome plugin. I have used Plugin Central before but after a few tests I like WP Quick Deploy more. It’s really easy.


  4. boxhead 24 game ) says: 3/25/2011

    Thank you for sharing this great plugin! Vladimir Prelovac is one of my favorite WP plugin developer!…



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