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How to Write Link Bait Articles

Good content still sells and is one of the most effective ways to attract valuable links to your site. It is imperative to understand that most people venture into the cyber world looking for information on a plethora of topics, so when you offer informative articles not only do you please your visitors and get more link backs but also you establish a reputation for yourself as a niche expert. When writing link bait articles, it is essential to remember that while what you write is important, how you write it will add chutzpah to your content. So, here are some tips on how to write link bait articles that will keep your readers and the other webmasters coming back for more.

What should you do?

Spice up your articles: A very important contention when writing link bait articles is that most of the stuff that pen will already have found its way on the internet, so you need to ask yourself the crucial question, how can you make your writing stand out?

There are three key elements to remember when writing a memorable article that others will reference in their own writing…

Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: How to Write an Effective Review

Reviews are one of the best types of post for a blog. If done well, they are very search-friendly, extremely useful to your readers and can be great conversation starters for building comments.

However, a review done poorly can be a pretty big mess. Not only can it create a great deal of needless controversy and headache, but it can actually discredit your site and, in extreme cases, create legal troubles.

Though angry and misanthropic reviews are all the rage in many circles, especially with older video games and movies, they are primarily comedy shows that aren’t intended to give a true review of the content. Most people, in those cases, know the subject material to be bad, it’s just a matter of how much so.

Writing a review for the purpose of informing and drawing conclusions can, at times, be a delicate act but pulling it off is one that your readers will appreciate. Balanced, thorough and honest reviews are still surprisingly rare on the Web and when people are making purchasing decisions, they seek those out.

So how do you make sure your review actually helps your readers? The answer is to plan it out carefully and take the time to do ensure you have everything you need inside. Read More

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Maintain WordPress Coding Standards with Coda and TextWrangler Editor

One of the most popular text and code editors for Mac OS X certainly is Panic’s Coda. Sadly Coda isn’t 100% compliant with the WordPress coding standards and neither is TextWrangler.

Luckily not much is needed to make both editors compliant with the WordPress coding standards and in an entry over at Eoin Gallagher, Polldaddy developer, explains how to configure Coda – and TextWrangler – to meet the WordPress coding standards.

Discover how here.

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3 WordPress Habits That Make Hackers Happy

Despite rumors proclaiming the contrary, WordPress is actually a very secure CMS platform utilized by millions of users around the world.

Unfortunately its immense popularity makes the software a prime target for hackers, similar to how Facebook and Twitter are prime targets since “everyone” is using them.

While there are more advanced measures that users should take when securing your WordPress site, here are the 3 most common habits I see practiced by some WordPress users that may set ones blog up to be hacked. Read More

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Say it Loud! How to Have a Big Blog Voice

Something many people struggle with is voice. There are lots of good blogs with strong design and good content, but have trouble standing out because they lack voice – any type of verbose, attractive vocabulary that makes people stop and take notice of their work.

So, how do you do it? What differentiates you from the loud and proud Gary Vaynerchuk or anyone else with a bold voice? Believe it or not – not that much!

This is not public speaking

The biggest problem people have is fear of failure. So, they don’t stand out with their opinions or riff off with willingness to be wrong. Somehow, it’s deep inside their membranes that every time they write a blog post, 10,000 people will show up outside their house and start booing. The incredible thing about blogging is that that’s pretty much impossible. The people who read you are generally fans, and they all read you one at a time. Read More

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Unlimited Mobile Plans, A Blogging Essential

The popularity of mobile devices has exploded.  Like lava out of a volcano, this hot stuff ain’t going back inside the mountain.  Since we are all demanding more from our phones, mobile plans that offer unlimited data are a necessity.  Especially for bloggers…

First, there’s the need for data.  Several blogging apps I can’t live without.

EVERNOTE. Now you never have an excuse to forget an idea again!  This easy-to-use app lets you type or use audio (voice recording/speech to text) to log your ever thought, to-do list or blog post idea.  You can even upload photos. For me, this is the most useful blogging app because you can’t but a price on an idea. Evernote ensures I always have an idea repository to dip into when the going gets tough. Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: How to Blog Without Internet Access

Tangled CablesTo a blogger, Internet access is much like electricity or water, it is an essential for business and, without it, a home becomes almost unlivable in a hurry.

Unfortunately, even though Internet access is becoming more and more reliable, it is a virtual guarantee that it will go down at some point and not just for a little while. Where we can generally count on our power being restored pretty quickly or getting our water turned on in short order after an outrage, our phone and cable companies may not be able to get our Web access back on for a day or more at a time.

This problem was highlighted for me during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. My neighborhood in New Orleans was spared the worst of the storm and I returned home, after three weeks away, to find my home safe and already had power, water and gas restored. Internet, however, would not be restored for another two weeks.

So how do we have to accept, at least for now, that Internet access just isn’t as reliable as we would like it to be and that can impact our blogging, especially since it’s an activity that, at some point, requires Internet access to take place.

So how do we overcome it? There are many ways, but some a probably more beneficial than others. Read More

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Is Blogetery A WordPress Blogger’s Best Friend?

When it comes to choosing a WordPress host, many users select freemium hosting companies like (by Automattic) or due to low risk (at least financially speaking).

While and are great ways to experience WordPress without putting a hole in your wallet, they are also very restrictive on what features (think plugins) you can install upon your site.

For those of you seeking a more flexible solution to WordPress blogging, they may want to check out Blogetery who provides users with the conviences of without sacrificing too many freedoms. Read More

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Online Business Blogging Success Conference 2011

I don’t get excited for networking events.  The thought of talking myself up and giving/receiving hundreds of business cards is about as sexy as Betty White on a beach.

My guess is that many bloggers feel the same way.

That’s why I want to tell you about the Online Business Blogging Success Conference 2011, the very first blogworking event I will attend.  And why?  Because it’s 100% online.

If you are a business that is looking to leverage the power of blogging and grow a loyal readership that sends transactions your way, this online blogging conference is for you.

The cool part is that the sessions are  spread out across the first three weeks of February and occur live.  Better yet, if life gets in the way and you are unable to attend a session that you have your eye on, you can always access the video file at your convenience at a later date. Read More

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5 Great Online Image Editors for Bloggers

As Web-based apps gain greater and greater acceptance, especially for casual use, many of the applications we previously considered “must haves” for new computers may just become specialized tools for those with specialized needs.

One important area where expensive, downloadable software is losing ground, especially among users with limited needs, is in image editing. Though the power of Photoshop is still undeniable, casual users without specific needs have long since been taking up free alternatives such as

But now bloggers have another alternative. Web apps have been increasing in power, speed and usability, making them a more and more appealing alternative to downloadable software.

If you’re eager to try your hand at online image editing, here are five sites to consider as you look to get your next image editing project under way.

With a clean interface, powerful filters, brushes, the ability to edit layers and a slew of adjustment options, Pixlr has all of the features one might expect from a more advanced photo editing package in a free, online tool with no registration required.

Sumo Paint
Similar to Pixlr both in features and in interface, Sumo Paint has filters, brushes, layers and more in a snappy Web app that can be loaded without registration. However, registering with Sumo Paint gives you the benefit of saving files to the cloud. Also, a pro version is offered for about $25 that allows offline access to the app. Read More

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