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WordPress Blackberry App Releases New Beta

The latest beta for WordPress for Blackberry is out and instead of launching a slew of new features for users the team decided to concentrate on something more important instead.

Lots of changes were made under the hood and this is the reason you haven’t seen any update for a while. We thought that security matters, so most of the changes affect the overall app security: We are now using a completely different, strongly encrypted storage model. To make the transition smooth we haven’t added any new features yet. New features will be released in the future. This is the good, the bad is that you might have to re-add your blogs/sites, as well as reconfiguring the app. Draft posts will not be erased, so once you have re-added a blog your old drafts should become available again. (WordPress for Blackberry Dev Blog)

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5 Reasons Not to Have Empty Ad Spaces on Your Blog

If you have a great blog with a lot of wonderful content that readers enjoy, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to add a little advertising to it in order to make some money off of that content. After all, you’ve worked hard, you deserve it. There are, however, right and wrong ways to go about advertising on your blog.

Advertising on a blog is perfectly normal and is a great way to increase your online income. When done tastefully and professionally, advertising can add to the overall quality, great look, and appeal of your site. Empty ad space is not a good idea for a number of reasons.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t have empty ad spaces on your blog. Read More

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Tumblr Theme Designers Making Thousands Per Month?

Although Tumblr has not officially revealed the revenue split between the company and theme designers, the micro blogging site did reveal some interesting facts regarding how much theme designers are generating every month.

Tumblr does charge for things like being featured in its directory or $9 themes users can buy to spruce up their Tumblog. Karp notes that some theme designers are making tens of thousands of dollars month. (via TechCrunch)

In the interview (seen below), Tumblr CEO and found David Karp revealed that the company actually thought about launching premium features for Tumblr, but decided to opt instead for features that enhanced the community (like premium themes) instead. Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: How to Engage Your Readers

On Off SwitchLast week, we talked about the difficulties and the pitfalls around building and maintaining trust with your readers online. We talked about why it is important to build trust, how difficult that is and how easily it can be squandered.

However, trust is only one half of the process for building the best audience possible. Though having readers that trust you is key for success, if those readers aren’t engaged and participating in your site, they aren’t providing much more than blips on your Google Analytics.

For most bloggers, the end goal isn’t just to get their readers to trust them, but to get them involved somehow. Whether it’s to have them to support a cause, provide feedback, spread the word about the site or even become customers, trust is only step one.

So how do you take a reader who trusts your site and your expertise to take things to the next level? There are many ways to do that but here are a few keys to making it happen.
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Watch Out Tumblr, Because WordPress 3.1 Is Out!

After a couple of months of waiting (and lots of beta testing), the latest version of WordPress 3.1 has been released to the masses!

The latest version contains a few extra goodies including the internal linking feature (which in hindsight is something every blog platform should have), although the latest update may help WordPress appeal more to the KISS generation (aka “keep it simple stupid”). Read More

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Tumblr Courting Tags Over Blog Directory?

It looks like Tumblr is slowly giving up on the idea of a classifying blogs into hard categories (i.e. fashion, technology, science, etc.) and instead is embracing tags as a superior way to sort through the tumblverse.

It’s hard to organize Tumblr blogs by topic. A single one of your blogs may include your personal updates, your art, your opinions, and a YouTube video of a cat speaking Japanese, all in a single day. This has been a real limitation of the current Tumblr Directory. So, for the last few weeks we’ve been experimenting with some brand new tools for exploring Tumblr.

The new Explore page organizes and filters posts by tag. This means that every tagged post has a chance to show up in front of an audience of millions that might not otherwise see it. Think Tumblr Radar by topic. (Tumblr Staff Blog)

Another advantage tags has over Tumblr’s blog directory is the fact that users will come across fresh content which will make it easier for users to discover relevant content as well as interesting blogs.

The Tumblr explore page also gives blogging pro’s choosing to host their blogs upon Tumblr (or use the platform as “a companion site“) another way to reach new users beyond the traditional social networks.

Although Tumblr will probably keep their  blog directory alive (as it’s one of the few ways the company makes money), we will probably see less emphasis upon it in the future from the company.

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WordPress To Release bbPress As A Plugin?

After many months (if not years) of neglect, it looks like bbPress fans will in the not so distant future be able to easily create a forum for their WordPress blog without having to muck around with FTP settings.

If you haven’t been keeping up with our progress over the past few months, you’re in for a treat. bbPress 1.0.3 is due out any day, as is 1.1 Release Candidate 1 which includes new features like email notification on follow-up posts and anonymous posting. There’s also a lot going on under the hood of the new WordPress plugin version of bbPress, and in an effort to get more people involved we’re bringing back the bi-monthly development chats in #bbpress on the freenode network on IRC. (Official bbPress Blog)

Note: Emphasis mine.

Although sometimes considered a relic tool in the age of social networking, forums are still utilized by numerous blogs as a way to have more organized discussions around specific topics.

With the exception of a few plugins like Mingle Forum and WP Forum Server, many “5 minute install” forum options are not only sorely outdated, but also incompatible with the latest version of WordPress.

With bbPress joining the plugin route, it should help give some much needed TLC to forums in general (at least within the WordPress community) and perhaps encourage bloggers to create their own communities instead of outsourcing everything to Facebook.

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Blog Comments Do’s and Don’ts

A blog without comments is like having a conversation with yourself.

Having people commenting on what you’ve written and leaving remarks on other’s blog posts is what makes the blogosphere go round.

What are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to blog comments? As a WordPress blogs two of the most commonly used anti-spam comment plugins are Akismet and GASP (GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin) and these can save you a lot of time trawling through pointless comments and blatant attempts at getting backlinks.

Blog readers

If you frequently comment on other people’s blog posts, the next four tips are for you… Read More

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Google Reader: Did You Update Your Android App Today?

The boys and girls from the Google Reader team have announced some recent changes to their official Android app that should help make it much easier to use for news junkies on the go.

News ticker widget – if you prefer a bit more information, you can add a larger size widget that cycles through items on any stream you want in Reader. Clicking any headline will take you to the article, while clicking the folder will take you to that stream.

Mark previous as read – if you’ve used the mobile version of Reader before and missed this feature, it’s now back! As you scroll down your reading list, hit “Mark previous as read” at any time to only mark things above the screen as read. (Official Google Reader Blog)

The app also includes an unread count widget which was surprisingly left out during the app’s premier launch.

Unfortunately for iPhone fans, Google has no plans on launching an official iOS app in the future and thus far seems dedicated to only supporting the Android platform (although iOS has plenty of third party apps to help fill in the gap).

Google Reader fans can download the app for free from the Android Market, and for those of you who sport an Android device do you prefer the official app over the numerous third party rivals? If so, why?

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Needed: WordPress Hosting Report Cards

Whenever a WordPress blog is hacked or (on more rare occasions) thousands of blogs are compromised upon a host, numerous headlines spring up declaring how insecure WordPress is and why users should choose an alternative platform.

Usually by the time a security guru is able to analyze the real culprit (which usually is an insecure web host or an out of date blog), the media is already perpetuating the myth that WordPress is an “unsafe” to use for one’s blog or website.

Although the WordPress community has made upgrading to the latest version as painless as possible, trying to convince cheap web hosts (especially those promising unlimited hosting) to improve security despite the cost can be frustrating affair.

Instead of trying to present guidelines for hosting companies in the hopes that they’ll improve on their own, it might be better for the WP community to establish a “report card” to help inform new comers which hosts will provide the best experience for their site or blog. Read More

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