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Blog Underdog Courting Facebook, Twitter?

It looks like Weebly fans will no longer have to be envious of their WordPres friends as the blog platform has announced that users will now be able to easily insert social sharing buttons within their blog posts.

Our new social media buttons make it really easy for people to share your blog posts on Facebook & Twitter. You’ve probably seen these buttons all over the web, and now they’re automatically integrated into the bottom of each of your blog posts.

Once someone shares your post on Facebook or Twitter, their friends see the update, and then your website gets even more readers and comments! However, if you don’t like these new buttons, you can easily turn them off by un-checking the option under the “Manage Blog” area. (Official Weebly Blog)

Despite being seen as a competitor, Weebly has surprisingly avoided embracing social button until now.

While the freemium blog platform lacks the celebrity status of other blog platforms like Posterous and Squarespace, Weebly actually has a greater web foot print than either (despite the fact that the former two boast a much larger mind share).

Although Weebly’s belated embrace of Twitter and Facebook was probably inevitable, hopefully the company will consider other social buttons (like Digg, Reddit and Google Buzz) as well.

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