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How to Get Comments on Your Blog Posts

Are any of your blog posts receiving any comments yet? If you are now writing your 57th blog post and you have yet to receive comments from your readers, you may have a big problem. Consider the following tips to help your blog posts gain or attract comments from readers.

Know and find your audience
Before knowing who actually leaves comments on your blog, find your niche, target audience, or target market first. This is the first door you should open when expecting comments. When you connect with blogs and people with the same passion as yours, the possibility of getting comments is higher.

Write with conviction and commitment
There’s a big difference between the posts of a passionate and a dull writer. There is no point in reading and commenting on a boring blog post. Put your heart into your writing and readers will be attracted to your posts.

Update your blog every day and reply to their comments
Update on a regular basis. Coming up with blog posts is like writing an article for a magazine. No one wants to read about same old topics every day. You don’t have to write a new post every single day; just show them that you exist by replying to comments and participating in threads. The more you answer their queries, the more they are encouraged to comment on your posts.

Write like a novelist
I am not saying that you have to use characters and seamless plots to spice up your blog posts. Write with continuity and let the readers know that you really are writing the post. You can mention some ideas from your previous posts by linking to the posts. Quote from old blog entries. This may encourage readers to religiously follow your blog’s post updates. By doing this, you can expect tons of comments from readers asking and pleading for your next blog post.

Enable your blog’s ‘Comments’ section
And last but not the least, activate your blog’s ‘Comments’ feature. Deactivating this feature would, obviously, prevent blog readers from posting comments on your entries.

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  1. Matthew Weber ) says: 2/4/2011

    The best way to get comments is actually to comment on other people’s blogs. They will come see your blog, and comment. It is a great way to get new people comment on you content.


    • aniket says: 2/7/2011

      Yes, you are absolutly right


  2. bali villas seminyak says: 2/5/2011

    Wp have a lot of plug in…
    is this free plugin?


  3. Joyce ) says: 2/8/2011

    although I have had a blog for some time, this is something that I constantly struggle with. Thanks for the suggestions. :)


  4. Dwayne Smith says: 2/11/2011

    You are right James but I also think Matthew Webbers is absolutely right too. Writing on other people’s blogs not only allows the article maker to find out who you are but also other bloggers who have posted on the article.


  5. Mr MakingUsmile says: 2/11/2011

    Very good points. I could use some comment love right now.

    Mr MakingUsmile


  6. Jerrick ) says: 3/24/2011

    Do not give the complete solution and allow them to know the direction only. Ask something that make them feel feel uncertainty. Do reply your reader comment, or not. Those comment is useless to be there. Some even never approve their reader comment for year because they din care of it . That what the purpose of having comment box there? Make your blog more interactive rather than stay too much professional. Two way communication is important in blog.


  7. Hi Digig says: 8/20/2011

    how to make blogger is good? help me