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Cleeng Helping WordPress Fans Make Money Beyond Ads?

Cleeng (which we reviewed in December) has recently exited their private beta and is now available for the WordPress masses to try out.

Perhaps best described as an “iTunes for blog content” service, Cleeng allows bloggers to hide part of their content online which users can unlock by paying an inexpensive fee (between $0.15 USD and $0.99 USD per article).

Although similar in many ways to a traditional pay wall, Cleeng allows bloggers to monetize their content without sacrificing ad revenue, providing WordPress fans with another alternative to monetize their sites (as explained in the video below).

Readers can easily create an account by using their Facebook, Google or Yahoo! account, although unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to register via one’s Twitter account (at least not yet).

Bloggers can choose to hide content ranging from text, images or even video, which may help compensate those of you with higher than normal expenses (especially when it comes to creating quality videos or images from scratch).

In order to help readers judge whether hidden content is worth paying a few pennies for, Cleeng is introducing a rating system which allows readers to gage the quality of the article, as well as seek a refund if the hidden content was poorly written.

For those of you who write upon non-English blogs, you’ll be disappointed that Cleeng does not support other languages yet, although the team is seeking community help in order to translate their service into other native tongues.

Cleeng is currently only available for self hosting WordPress fans via their plugin, although the company is also planning on launching public modules and extensions for Drupal and Joomla users in the future, respectively.

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  1. Futuretrend Training Academy says: 2/10/2011

    Interesting read and food for thoughts.


  2. Leah guerrier ) says: 5/11/2011

    this seems like a wonderful idea. I was interested in implementing it until i thought of a few factors that might effect its success. If Ive visited a site for years and they added this service i might stop reading it. People generally hate paying for things, regardless of how small, if they got it for free at some point. Secondly, this couldn’t really work for newer blogs because, if you don’t have some authority in your domain people won’t pay for your content. Lastly, with many media outlets recycling the same content a reader won’t be hard pressed to find the content someplace else for free :/