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Is OnSugar Challenging Posterous?

With Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr dominating the headlines, it’s sometimes easy to forget that there are other (albeit smaller) contenders trying to survive in a crowded blogging market.

One such contender of late is OnSugar (a blogging platform from Sugar, Inc.), who has previously seen a spike in traffic starting in November of 2010, pushing ahead of rivals like Posterous according to (as seen in the chart below).

However according to Quantcast, Posterous has twice as much traffic when compared against OnSugar in the US, and nearly double when one adds international traffic (note: Compete only tracks US visits).

While Posterous seems to be winning the war as far as overall traffic goes (which even admits), OnSugar is quietly becoming a hit amongst users, despite the fact that the platform boast less features than its blogging rival (not to mention a lack of mobile apps).

Part of OnSugar’s success may lie in the fact that the blog platform heavily caters to the world of fashion (specifically women), which could explain why OnSugar is gaining popularity.

Although only time will tell whether OnSugar’s rise is a trend or simply a bounce, but if OnSugar’s rise continues, we could see the Drupal (or rather a fork of it) finally gain some popularity beyond the world of geek.

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  1. kyle ) says: 2/12/2011

    I have tried both and I can say that posterous is much better compared to OnSugar, It’s even much better than tumblr when comes to posting. Posting by email is really cool and the auto generated galleries works like wonders!… Tumblr on the other hand have great suporters so it’s still reigning supreme.


  2. Soki Briggs ) says: 1/25/2013

    I’ve registered with Tumblr and trying to use it to drive some traffic to my website. I love the simplicity and freedom to easily edit HTML it gives. I haven’t tried sugar, posterous mentioned here.
    Will give it a try.