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Did India Block Blogger?

There are reports coming in that Blogger (aka BlogSpot) is unavailable for numerous India users without the assistance of a proxy.

Users are already sounding off upon the official Blogger forums, although one user is suspecting that the block is not due to technical difficulties (which is my first assumption) but rather due to “big brother.”

Blogspot Blogs are increasingly becoming non-accessible in India. Surprisingly, if a person uses a proxy, she can have access to her blog. This logically means that Indian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are blocking access to Blogspot Blogs in India.

Why this step has been taken is still not known. Even at Google’s Help Forum this question has been put for further discussion and diagnosis of the problem. But even at the Forum the possibility of Blogspot being Blocked/Censored has not been ruled out. (CJNEWS India)

This isn’t the first time India has blocked Blogger, although right now neither the Indian government or Google have issued any public statements regarding why numerous users can not log into Blogger or  view their blogs online.

While the optimist in me is hoping that this is nothing but a technical difficulty with an ISP, hopefully this isn’t yet another attempt at government censorship.

Note: For those of you in India, can you confirm or deny this report?

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  1. N says: 2/12/2011

    Yes access to blogspot is disabled for about 14 hours every day. Cant seem to figuer this out, very bugging.


  2. anonymous says: 2/12/2011

    Yes Blogger is blocked again, my local ISP doesn’t even know what Blogger or Blogspot domain is!! Can you believe this? This is why I hate my own country. It’s turned into an Orwellian nation where the Government interferes with the private lives of citizens every day. The intention may have been to block a specific blogger blog but the incompetent Indian fools in charge of this seemed to have blocked the entire Blogspot domain? Time to move my blog to some other service. Has WordPress been blocked in India previously?


  3. Hariharan ) says: 2/12/2011

    I am extensive user of blogs, blogspot has been banned from yesterday morning. its almost 24 hours.. I am able to login and do posting editing and all but I can’t see my blog. I am using tor now to view blogs..


  4. Avinash Machado says: 2/12/2011

    Yes I cannot access it either.


  5. Pickup Your Dating! ) says: 2/12/2011

    My blog is hosted on BlogSpot but has a registered domain name, and I can see it. I guess this is just a way of stopping the blog spamming in India. Kinda good!


  6. Techtalk ) says: 2/12/2011

    Yes. It was a definite case of systematic blocking of Blogspot by ISPs in India. The duration would be short lived and very soon all the Blogs would come back. But something more sinister is waiting for us.


  7. Siddharth Singh says: 2/12/2011

    I really don’t know what you guys are talking about. I have not seen any problem in accessing or editing any of my blogger blogs.


  8. Techtalk ) says: 2/12/2011

    @ Siddharth Singh- That is because you must not have checked your Blog regularly for the past two days. Even your ISP must have restored access to the Blogs. Now most of the ISPs in India have restored access to the Blogs.


  9. ramakant says: 2/12/2011

    The outage or blockage was just for a few seconds. At least for me, I was on the net for the last two days. Since I am not on airtel it was across operators. It does look like the operators were having some sort of technical issue?

    Or maybe the government is back to blocking websites now that the onion prices have fallen to pre crisis levels. Maybe they have nothing to do these days.

    Come to think of it Reliance was censured by the judiciary yesterday for showing undue haste and intercepting private phone calls based on fake requests from the government.


  10. VP says: 2/14/2011

    that’s why guys, always use wordpress and utilize the full power of open source :-)


  11. Prerna ) says: 2/14/2011

    I have a few blogs on blogger and I’m able to view them easily.. Guess, it was just a temp problem:-)


  12. Ron - Sales Copy Writing | Content Publishing | Blogging ) says: 2/20/2011

    I see that India is blocking BlogSpot has created a great deal of news, BUT i doubt they are true. ‘Coz many of the bloggers (pun intended) can access their blog.

    Note to readers:

    If you can’t, just add at the end of your blogspot address.

    For example:

    That’s it.


  13. Adriana says: 2/25/2012

    thanks for share!