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  1. Lee Fecteau @ make money online

    I was not aware of Tumblr – need to look into its advantages…Interesting to find out how they are making money…

  2. Numbers

    Although it may seem that Tumblr is quickly catching up to, you forgot to include the numbers that are using so this article is a bit biased.

    • Darnell Clayton

      Throwing numbers in would be an Apple’s to Oranges comparison. It would be like comparing Movable Type (a software) to Blogger/BlogSpot (a blog service).

      Either way I do expect Tumblr’s theme market to catch up to WordPress’s (both the software & service) due to the fact that I’m seeing more WP theme designers fighting to get inside of Tumblr’s theme market.

  3. Deanna

    Interesting post. I would like to know more how I could create themes for Tumblr and make that kind of money off of them. I guess I’ll have to check out Tumblr to find out.

  4. Christopher Anderton

    The problem with Tumblr is all the down time. They really need to do something about it before companies and such could move their platform.

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