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Blogging Pitfalls: How to Build and Maintain Trust

Trust ButtonTrust is easily the most valuable and most fragile of all the commodities a blogger has to have to be successful.

However, making complete strangers trust you and count on you is no simple task, especially when they will most likely never meet you. It can require years of tireless, consistent work, the ability to repeatedly prove that you are capable of delivering on what you promise and constantly striving to build a reputation for high quality work.

But for all of the work required to build trust, it can be lost in the blink of an eye. One breach of that trust, no matter how small, can set you back months, even years in terms of trust and some incidents can even overshadow your entire history, becoming damaging “buts” to an otherwise stellar reputation.

Learning how to build and keep trust is critical for every blogger. If your readers are going to let you in as part of their lives, no matter how small of a part that is, they need to know what role you’re going to fulfill and that you will do it well. Trust is often what separates the one-off or casual reader from the avid fan, trust is how you build inbound links and trust is how you grow your site.

Fortunately, building and managing trust is easier than many make it out to be, but it isn’t quite as simple as just doing quality work either. To build and keep trust, there are steps you have to take to ensure that others are receptive to your work and will notice your efforts, thus ensuring that your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

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Heavy Duty PC Protection – Without the Bloat

This post brought to you by Sunbelt Software. All opinions are 100% mine.

When it comes to virus protection software you CAN have too much of a good thing. Ask anyone who has made the mistake of downloading more than one of the major McNortonMicro packages and had their computer rendered useless.

If you’re a Windows-based blogger looking to fend off the junk without compromising the speed of your computer, you need Vipre.  (Read on for a chance to win a one-year subscription for FREE!) This light-weight software keeps viruses, adware, spyware, worms, rootkits and more away from your machine – all without the bloat!

Not tech savvy? Fear not. Even your great grandfather will understand the simple notification notices. And if you do get tripped up, free tech support is right around the bend. Not crappy tech support, but 24-hour U.S.-based phone support.

Vipre only requires a minimum of 512 MB, but let’s be honest – if that’s what you’re running – it’s time for an upgrade!

VIPRE Antivirus software

A 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that – unlike a major virus attack – you have recourse! Don’t like what you see? Vipre will refund your money. No questions asked. Malware removal assistance.

VIPRE’s FirstScanâ„¢ is the initial step to getting your computer out of harm’s way. Running at boot time. FirstScan bypasses Windows, directly scanning the hard drive for malware and removing infections when found.

Active Protection works inside the Windows kernel, providing real-time monitoring.

And if you’re worried about those silly forwards that your friends email you, with Vipre, you can open them as you please. Comprehensive protection protects against viruses spread via email.

The price drops with each computer that your protect, so why not get Vipre on all of your computers.

This product should improve your upload/download times. Vipre runs so quietly in the background that you won’t even know it’s there. But CyberCrooks beware – this stuff is the real deal.

We’re giving away a 1-year download of VIPRE Software. Interested? Leave a comment below on your worst experience with anti-malware security, email security, data retention, and malware analysis tools. One random person will snag the prize. Good luck!

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Posterous Mimics Tumblr, Adds Long Overdue Feature

Taking a cue from their frenemy Tumblr, Posterous has introduced the “like” button for their users (which is similar to Facebook’s like button).

Now it’s a lot easier for your readers to “like” your posts on Posterous.  A simple click on the heart button is all that’s needed to show some love.

The new “like” feature is available on all themes and replaces favorites.  When someone likes your post, a comment will be added making it easier  for everyone to see your latest fan. (Official Posterous Blog)

Unlike who tried to differentiate themselves by using a star, Posterous opted for using the heart icon instead which is a smarter move as they don’t have to put the word “like” next to the icon (which both and Facebook do).

Surprisingly Posterous did not opt to include one’s avatar when a post is liked, choosing to link to the readers profile instead. (hopefully the Posterous team will reconsider as avatars would help make the site feel much more personal).

With Posterous jumping aboard the “like” revolution, Blogger (aka BlogSpot) is the only major platform with no official like button of their own (although users can create one via Blogger’s reactions feature).

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Did India Block Blogger?

There are reports coming in that Blogger (aka BlogSpot) is unavailable for numerous India users without the assistance of a proxy.

Users are already sounding off upon the official Blogger forums, although one user is suspecting that the block is not due to technical difficulties (which is my first assumption) but rather due to “big brother.”

Blogspot Blogs are increasingly becoming non-accessible in India. Surprisingly, if a person uses a proxy, she can have access to her blog. This logically means that Indian Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are blocking access to Blogspot Blogs in India.

Why this step has been taken is still not known. Even at Google’s Help Forum this question has been put for further discussion and diagnosis of the problem. But even at the Forum the possibility of Blogspot being Blocked/Censored has not been ruled out. (CJNEWS India)

This isn’t the first time India has blocked Blogger, although right now neither the Indian government or Google have issued any public statements regarding why numerous users can not log into Blogger or  view their blogs online.

While the optimist in me is hoping that this is nothing but a technical difficulty with an ISP, hopefully this isn’t yet another attempt at government censorship.

Note: For those of you in India, can you confirm or deny this report?

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Interview With Keepio CEO Dave Durand

BloggingPro recently had the chance to chat with Dave Durand, the CEO of social commerce site Keepio.

Give our readers the Keepio elevator pitch.  What is it and what sets it apart?

Keepio enables social commerce among established networks of trust and privacy and was built in response to the shortcomings of eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. Friends seek to buy or sell second-hand goods among friends because of the implicit trust, transparency, and reduced friction. (On Keepio, there are no fees for listings or transactions).

Unlike eBay, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, we believe social commerce should focus more on established networks of trust and privacy and less on transaction fees and interactions with strangers.

We know that friends look to each other for recommendations and insights for products in today’s consumer marketplaces. Keepio provides an outlet for product discussion, advocacy and purchase, but these activities are amplified with the social validation and feedback from your friends. With Keepio, your products define you, so we will soon make it easy for products to find you too. Read More

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Are We Ever Going To See Pagerank Again?

The last time that we saw Google update its pagerank tool was back in April of 2010 and leading up to Christmas and New Year most of the blogging community thought that Google would update it on December 31st as this is what they did last year. (Note that already I am referring to bloggers and not the SEO community.) When the date came and passed and people frantically punched in their site to find the pagerank was unchanged and then the worries really started to show. However whilst there are people running around panicking over this let me explain why it is likely that Google might never update the pagerank bar ever again and why you don’t need to worry about it.

The SEO View

As an SEO obviously my views on this side of things are a bit opinionated, however I am a blogger and internet loving junkie too so I guess you could say I can look at all of this from the other side of the fence as well. My suspicion since October(6 months after the update in April) was that Google were not intending to update their tool again and sure enough now looking a further 3 months on there has still been no sign of any update. My personal view is that Google will never update the tool again but that isn’t to say I wouldn’t say no to an update!

The Google View

Google know for a fact that SEOs use the PR tool to decide if a site is powerful or not and make judgements on whether or not to place their links on a site. Of course removing the PR bar is going to discourage some SEOs from Black Hat methods but is it really going to stop anyone? Don’t forget there are hundreds of ranking factors that a half decent SEO is aware of. Sure it might take slightly longer  to assess the power of a site but it won’t stop it from happening. Don’t forget there are other tools out there to replace it such as MozRank that do pretty much the same thing.

Who is to say that because you are judging a site for its PR that you are planning on putting a “dirty” link on the site? Would it be wrong for me to target a PR 9 blog for a post that took me hours to research and write or would it benefit both me and the blogger and start a relationship that would perhaps carry on for years?

It can easily be seen from both sides. Read More

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Is OnSugar Challenging Posterous?

With Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr dominating the headlines, it’s sometimes easy to forget that there are other (albeit smaller) contenders trying to survive in a crowded blogging market.

One such contender of late is OnSugar (a blogging platform from Sugar, Inc.), who has previously seen a spike in traffic starting in November of 2010, pushing ahead of rivals like Posterous according to (as seen in the chart below). Read More

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WordPress For iPhone: What Features Would You Add?

After squashing various bugs that kept popping up within the iOS app, the WordPress team is preparing to launch the push notifications for comments (which is currently only available via a third party app).

While receiving alerts about users commenting upon your blog will make it easier for users to respond to readers while on the go, here are a few other features the team might consider adding within the next available update. Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: We’ll Do It Live

If you blog long enough, at some point you’re going to be faced with a sticky problem. You need to make a major change to your site, such as switch to a new CMS, upgrade a critical component or set up a new theme.

However, your live site already has a pretty lengthy history behind it and, most likely, a steady stream of traffic. This makes anything that you do on your main site a very public disaster waiting to happen.

Unfortunately though, many people don’t see the danger of working on their live site and, caught up in the thrill of making a big change, often times jump in and cause a great deal of damage to their sites.

Where one can be reckless and crazy with a site they haven’t yet pushed live, anything that you’ve invested time and energy into creating content for, not to mention building traffic for, needs to be treated with a great deal more care. One can’t simply jump into the code and start pulling things apart when visitors and search engines alike are watching closely, at least not without great risk.

In these situations, cooler heads have to prevail and a slower, more methodical approach is necessary. However, it’s an approach that it seems few bloggers have mastered.

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Cleeng Helping WordPress Fans Make Money Beyond Ads?

Cleeng (which we reviewed in December) has recently exited their private beta and is now available for the WordPress masses to try out.

Perhaps best described as an “iTunes for blog content” service, Cleeng allows bloggers to hide part of their content online which users can unlock by paying an inexpensive fee (between $0.15 USD and $0.99 USD per article).

Although similar in many ways to a traditional pay wall, Cleeng allows bloggers to monetize their content without sacrificing ad revenue, providing WordPress fans with another alternative to monetize their sites (as explained in the video below). Read More

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