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Movable Type’s Daughter Melody Exits Beta

After many months in beta, the team behind Melody (a fork of Movable Type 4.34) have unveiled their first release candidate to the world.

We are excited to announce that Melody 1.0’s first release candidate it ready for download and use by the general community and outside world. A number of us have been using Melody for quite sometime with nary a hiccup, and this latest build is without a doubt the most stable build of Melody, and arguably Movable Type 4 to date. It has lots of bug fixes and even some minor features here and there, all of which are well documented in our release notes. (Official Melody Blog)

While the blogging software is thus far impressive, Melody faces an uphill battle against what appears to be an already saturated market for blogging software (not to mention blog services like Tumblr, Blogger and Posterous as well).

Melody’s future hope for growth may come by not only convincing disgruntled Movable Type users to embrace them over rivals, but also by partnering with online distribution companies (like SimpleScripts) to reduce installation and upgrading friction for new users.

Those of you who are curious about Melody can download a free copy to play with over here (note: link will prompt you to download software), or users can test out the platform via Open Melody Demo risk free.

For those of you who have tried Melody in the past (whether beta testing or from curiosity), what are your thoughts about the platform? And do you see it as a potential challenger to WordPress?

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  1. Lee Fecteau @ make money online ) says: 3/4/2011

    Hmmm – looks like Melody is something to watch and see how it fares against WordPress and other platforms. It’ll be tough to beat WordPress with all its features and plugins, etc.


  2. Mike T says: 3/4/2011

    Melody’s future hope for growth may come by not only convincing disgruntled Movable Type users to embrace them over rivals

    I don’t think that will be hard at all because the 1.1->2.0 period of development will be focused overwhelmingly on cleaning up the innards we inherited from MTOS 4.3 and addressing our weaknesses from the perspective of many users. Config Assistant and Theme Manager already do a lot in the area of theme design and use. A lot more will follow once we get 1.0 out the door.


  3. Brígida says: 4/25/2012

    this sounds good and need to read more about it.