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Disqus Embraces Google, Bumps Down Facebook

In an attempt to help broaden their appeal amongst bloggers and news organizations, Disqus has announced that they are now including the search engine giant as an ID option for commenters.

Nearly 13% of users choose to login through Twitter or Facebook when participating in Disqus communities. Today, we’re happy to introduce another recognizable choice: Google accounts. Millions upon millions of people are already logged into their Google accounts, and now they can easily use those accounts to jump into discussions all over the web. (Official Disqus Blog)

While embracing Google was probably long overdue, it looks like Disqus has “bumped down” Facebook’s position as a choice for commentors, as the option use to be higher up in the past (at least via their pop up option).

Disqus’s demotion could be a response towards Facebook’s re-entrance into the commenting wars, as the social giant’s commenting feature is being embraced by notable bloggers as well as news organizations.

The Google ID option should already be live for bloggers who use Disqus to power their comment sections, and may help encourage readers wary of social networks to easily share their thoughts upon posts without having to waste time registering with your site or typing in extra details.

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  1. Lee Roslyn says: 3/23/2011

    Now all you guys need to do is start using Disqus. You’d think a website about blogging that writes about blogging would already be using them.


  2. Jerrick ) says: 3/24/2011

    i still prefer open ID, which allow you to anonymous. Secondly will be twitter and facebook which more easy and friendly usage and allow you to follow up with social media. But no matter what, i still dislike using Disqus.


  3. James | Best Tablet PC says: 7/2/2011

    I’d probably pick Google over Facebook as well. Look at how quickly Myspace fell, the same could happen to Facebook, but Google will always be there…


  4. Clemente Arrieta Jiménez says: 8/20/2011

    I like it


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