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Do You Dig Blogger’s New Layout Views?

Although I have been impressed with many features from (ranging from Live Stats to their theme creator), Google’s latest feature appeals to the inner photo blogger within me.

Dubbed Dynamic Views, the new layout lets readers view a stunning photo summary of your site by simply adding /view at the end of the blog (example:

Blogger’s Dynamic Views are impressive, however it seems that Google may have received a little inspiration from Tumblr as the latter already boasts numerous themes sporting similar layouts (although not as polished as Blogger).

Either way the new layouts will appeal to personal blogs and photo bloggers, as well as small businesses using BlogSpot (which has become a popular option ever since Blogger joined Google apps).

As a bonus, the new layout will allow readers to easily download images, although it would be great if Google could incorporate other media file types (like videos and audio files) as well.

Currently Google is still experimenting with Dynamic Views (which Google should rename Blogger Views), although the Blogger team will give BlogSpot fans the ability to make Dynamic Views the default view in the future.

For those of you who use Blogger, do you love Dynamic Views? What would you add to improve the feature?

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  1. Eric D. Bolton ) says: 4/1/2011

    I think it’s cool. It really doesn’t needed for my blog tho…


  2. gregory urbano says: 4/3/2011

    i tried dynamic views on my blogger blog and they said not supported, wonder if it is because i use my own domain?


  3. Anup ) says: 4/12/2011

    I’m the regular Blogger user. This new feature is nice but I’m still waiting for the Blogger’s another new great feature that they’ve announced lately with impressive video.


  4. Anup ) says: 4/12/2011

    Darnell, I think you’ve to mention some kind of demo of this feature. For example, my Blogger blog:


  5. Anil Singh ) says: 12/14/2011

    Blogger Dynamic view looking great but it’s take to long time to loading and not support previous version browsers Free Premium Blogger Templates


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