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Why Is Tumblr Winning The Blog Wars?

If you look at the top 3 blog service platforms, you’ll notice that Tumblr is a distant third to and Blogger, the latter two who occupy second and first place, respectively.

However if you notice the stats between the platforms, you’ll realize that while Blogger and are growing at a healthy clip (especially who just passed 19 million blogs), Tumblr is growing much faster than its rivals.

Boasting approximately 16.5 million blogs (up from 15 million about a month ago), Tumblr is obviously doing something right, which might explain why every major blog service except has copied them.

Although Tumblr’s keep it simple approach might explain the site’s popularity (as Joshua Strebel of fame explains upon WP Candy), there might be several other reasons why Tumblr is growing faster than their rivals.

Third Party App Connections

When I’m referring to apps, I’m not talking about third party blogging apps (most which connect to WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger).

Rather there are numerous third party apps that have nothing to do with blogging (like Instagram, Instapaper, and those zillion quotation apps) that allow one to easily share content upon Tumblr.

Although there are probably apps that allow one to easily share content upon WordPress and Blogger, they are not given the Tumblr’s prominence (who is usually displayed as a third option behind Facebook and Twitter).

Inexpensive Themes Please

It’s no accident that theme designers are making thousands per month on Tumblr, especially when they are rolling out quality templates that match (if not surpass) those seen upon WordPress and Blogger.

As a bonus, premium themes upon Tumblr are surprisingly cheaper than those upon, with prices ranging from $9 to $49 (compared to the average $50 plus price for a solid theme).

While most Tumblr themes are free (which is true for and Blogger), the cheaper prices seems to be motivating users to buy more themes upon Tumblr’s centralized market.

Majoring In The Mobile

Tumblr is one of the few companies that I know who consistently provides an elegant design across all of their smartphone apps.

It doesn’t matter if one has a Blackberry, iPhone or Android device, users upon all 3 have access to the same features (at least for the most part).

Another bonus is that Tumblr users (at least on the iOS app) have more control over their post which including permalink structure as well as whether an article is sent to Twitter.

Last but not least Tumblr users can easily comment, like or reblog a post directly from their smartphone (giving readers more opportunities to connect with writers).

Why Do You Think Tumblr Is Popular?

While Tumblr’s simplicity is one of the major reasons for it’s popularity, their are probably more reasons why the platform continues to grow in spite of rivals mimicking their features.

For those of you who use Tumblr (or even switched upon it from another service), why do you think Tumblr is popular and why does the platform appeal to you?

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  1. Justin Whitaker ) says: 4/9/2011

    My blogs are split between Posterous and Tumblr.

    The reason is simple: they are dead simple to use. Speed to post is a really big deal these days-trying to manage blogs, social media, growing a business…I can’t be bothered to maintain a WordPress site and all it’s plugin infrastructure.

    Tumblr is simple, powerful, and looks damn good doing it. If they could fix the downtime issues, and integrate with more social networks, it would be damn near perfect.

    Or it would be Posterous. :P


  2. gregory urbano says: 4/9/2011

    I’m not sure why tumblr is so popular, i created a simple blog just to try the feature set, after reading your article i should take another look i guess!


  3. Greg Simas ) says: 4/9/2011

    I think Tumblr is pretty amazing. I liken it to MacOS, things built in and simple to use. No one respected Apple back in the day…but I think they are doing pretty good lately. Sure Tumblr is missing a few pieces, but they have a lot going for them. A few good, solid decisions within the year can really catapult them into the major player arena.


  4. Dean Saliba ) says: 4/11/2011

    Everybody I have spoken to about Tumblr has said the same thing, we found out abou Tumblr via Twitter. Maybe that is your answer? :)


  5. iPhone app marketing says: 4/11/2011

    Tumblr is managed by very competent geniuses. I believe this is one of the very factor why the site is increasing its membership base in so short a time.


  6. Roshan ) says: 4/11/2011

    Tumblr is popular because it is so simple and hassle free, just perfect for quick blogging.


  7. Anup ) says: 4/12/2011

    I think WordPress is winning the blogs war! I’m sorry if I’m wrong.


  8. Rajib Roy ) says: 4/16/2011

    Tumblr is very easy to use, this is main reason. You should try It is very good social blogging site and more easier then tumblr.


  9. Garth ) says: 4/19/2011

    I’m also a fan of tumblr. I like how it works, getting the whole picture, easy to use, it includes pictures, quotes, audio clips, and video clips along with their text.


  10. John says: 4/19/2011

    WP is the king at the moment but Tumblr is making a great progress in technology offered to users!


  11. Sase Antic ) says: 4/22/2011

    It’s a good blogging platform, but WordPress is my favorite.


  12. Anonymous says: 8/30/2011

    I use blogger for a long time. But I became a big fan of tumblr now. I really enjoy sharing and blog after I start use tumblr. Also, I didn’t find a great tumblr client for mac until the release of Beelog for Mac


  13. Hmmm says: 12/12/2011

    Tumblr has more users because it attracts a lot of people simply because it IS a microblogging platform. WordPress and Blogger are for more serious blog users. Tumblr is still powerful enough to be used as a full featured blog though, but has the benefit of attracting those that do not want to maintain a more comprehensive blog.


  14. android market says: 2/1/2012

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  15. invest liberty reserve says: 2/28/2012

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  16. naaadz says: 7/4/2012

    tumblr is hot because its uncensored. your pg-13 stuff goes on facebook. your other stuff goes on tumblr.


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