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Facebook To Bloggers: All Your Comments Now Belong To You

After receiving criticism over their commenting system, Facebook has refreshed their commenting system in a bid to appeal to bloggers resistant to outsourcing their communities.

Aside from adding permalinks (via the timestamps) and making comments SEO friendly, Facebook is also launching one feature that may appeal to bloggers.

We are introducing a modified Comments Box News Feed story to feature more social context. Simply include the og:image, og:title, og:url, og:description, and og:site_name in the Open Graph meta tags on your site to generate the following larger story:

Optimizing the News Feed story increases the click-through-rate (CTR) back to your site and encourages people on Facebook to contribute to the discussion. To verify the image, title, and description Open Graph meta tags, visit the URL Linter. (Facebook Developers Blog)

As an additional bonus, Facebook is now allows bloggers to export their comment via the Facebook Graph API, which should help ease fears of having blog communities “locked in” without an exit strategy.

With Facebook comments boasting  social analytics and troll unfriendly technology, we may see even more bloggers and web domains outsource their communities to Facebook now that they have addressed most (if not all) of the objections.

Self hosting WordPress fans can install Facebook comments via a plugin while BlogSpot fans will need to dive into the code (or ask a geek to implement if for you).

For those of you who allow users to comment upon your sites, will you now consider outsourcing your comment section to Facebook? If not, why?

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  1. Fernando ) says: 4/13/2011

    Sorry Facebook, you are still not getting my comments. Nice try, tho


  2. Terje Sannarnes says: 4/14/2011

    As the owner of business blog I can say that Facebook can generete high ammounts of traffic to a website if your online advertising strategy is built correctly. Facebook is a hige source of traffic.


  3. J.T Dabbagian ) says: 6/2/2011

    Hmm…lemme think: No subdomain, only people who “like” my work can see it, I can’t control anything beyond content, and the notes app isn’t designed for public view…so, NO. Plus, didn’t FB say they called it the “notes” app because they didn’t want people to be “bloggers?”


  4. Matt ) says: 2/25/2013

    JT, the article was talking about the comments form which shows below a blog post (on any platform), not the notes app on facebook, which is certainly not an alternative to any other blog platform in my opinion.


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