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WordPress: Got Writers Block? Try Writing Helper!

In a bid to help WordPress users get beyond the blank screen and inspire them to create content, Automattic (the company behind has released a new tool to help bloggers combat writers block.

Dubbed Writing Helper,’s new tool seeks to use the power of man and machine in order to help bloggers create spectacular posts.

First up is Copy A Post. You can now reuse the hard work of previous posts as the basis for the next one. Simply hit the Copy A Post button, pick a post, and we copy the title, content, tags and categories for you, saving you steps. […]

Next is Request Feedback. You can now share a private draft of a post with a friend before it is published. They can help you find typos, suggest improvements and give advice to make the post amazing before your publish it to the world. (Official Blog)

Note: Emphasis theirs.

The Request Feedback is great as it allows you to seek feedback from other blog writers as well as friends who may not be into the “whole blog thing” (but who are excellent editors).

As far as Copy A Post goes, while it may help inspire you towards your next post, the fact that it replaces the contents of your current article with an archived one is irritating.

It would be great if Automattic allowed users to keep their previous content (perhaps in another box?) in order to compare both entries and figure out what they want to keep as well as delete from their current article.

Writing Helper is currently available for users, although Automattic is working on exporting this feature for self hosted WordPress blogs via JetPack.

Have you used Writing Helper? If so, what do you like about it, and what would you add to improve it?

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  1. leon hitchens ) says: 4/27/2011

    I find the copy a post motivating. I know i am inspired by other blog post and allow people to reuse their own content over and over will cause readers to be uninterested.


  2. Dean Saliba ) says: 4/28/2011

    I was under the impression that tools that rewrite blog posts always do it so that the post makes no sense. I’m wondering if this is just another one of those tools. :(


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