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Tumblr Domination Continues (Now 18 Million Strong)

Tumblr has just passed the 18 million blog marker, which is phenomenal seeing as the company only boasted 15 million sites in March.

For comparison’s sake (the most popular blogging service after Google’s Blogger) passed the 18 million mark in March, and currently boasts 19.7 million blogs as of this post.

According to Quantcast, Tumblr’s ranking is officially at 34 (out of the top 1 million sites), having climbed up 6 spots in just two weeks!

Despite Tumblr’s limitations (i.e. one image, video or audio per post) people, businesses and even government agencies are flocking towards the platform who seems to have perfected the “art of blogging” (or at the very least micro blogging).

Although several notable platforms have mimicked Tumblr’s post format features over the years, very few blogging services (if any) have witnessed Tumblr’s incredible growth.

For those of you who use Tumblr to power their personal or professional sites (or who have at the very least tried out Tumblr), why do you think users are flocking upon the micro blogging service?

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