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  1. ThatGuyKC

    Um, I use the WP platform on my self-hosted blog and have used Disqus before just fine. Might want to consider revising that comment regarding WordPress.

    While WP might not use Disqus for blogs, there is a compatible Disqus plug-in for hosted WP blogs.

    • Darnell Clayton

      True, but I never said Disqus doesn’t have a plugin for WordPress (they do), but that Disqus is unavailable for (reread the post again).

      • Tyler Hayes

        Just to clarify further, it’s not necessarily that only ID is allowed but that doesn’t allow any JavaScript at all, which Disqus (and most other widgets and plugins) require to function properly. See for more on that.

        Speaking of features people are looking for, keep an eye on our blog at for some updates in the near future. We’ve got some more exciting stuff lined up.

  2. Angélica

    Disqus is awesome, I have it on all my blogs, the only thing missing is a “subscribe to replies to my comment” button. I do not pay for it, but its support is fast and effective.

    • Tyler Hayes

      Registered commenters do have that option; it’s available in the Notifications tab at

  3. awaldstein

    I agree completely.

    My one question is why isn’t Disqus installed on this blog? ;)

    This is the post I wrote when I first discovered Disqus:

    Comments, Conversations and Community @

    Still feel very strongly about the community potential of the threaded community.

  4. Deceth

    I for one welcome our Disqus overlords.

  5. Anonymous

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  6. Anonymous

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