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How To Tell Your Friends And Family About Your Blogging Job

“Go get a job!” This is a very common expression and also a pathetic one, traditional people have said to internet pioneers in the past, in order to “wake them up from their insane illusions”. It’s a very annoying phrase that can demolish the ambitious dreams of young entrepreneurs today, too.

Nevertheless, even in the middle of serious economic meltdown, financial responsibility is still on the increase. Many people are therefore searching for either a supplementary means of making extra income or a way of curing their financial slavery. One of the major places that people turn unto to face this unfavorable condition is the internet; by starting an online business and creating active online presence.

You may have gone through the initial stages of establishing your online business and now it seems that everything is under control or you may be one of those who are new to internet and strive hard to make it work. But you still have one thing bothering you; how to tell your friends or more importantly your mom/spouse (I ‘m not joking) or other family members about your new found business. I understand that saying those words can be hard, especially when there is no physical office or tangible products you can show them; everything is virtual so you don’t want your business to sound too good to be true. It is even more difficult for people like me who quit their job completely and delved into the online entrepreneurship passionately. People have related your job to a specific place you should be every morning perhaps with a particular dress code. Moms, especially, even boast that their child is hired by a big company without knowing how it feels to work for one. Instead, when they see you in your pajamas sitting for hours in front of your PC then something is definitely going wrong. They just can’t get it. So, here is what I do…

Tell Them The Facts

When my brother started his own online business, a year ago, my mother was strongly opposed to this new “madness”, cause she couldn’t understand how her PhD and Post PhD Biologist super hero son had quit his “super” job as a scientist in a cancer treatment lab, to follow his passion for online business. What she didn’t know then, was that he was making 10 times more with his affiliate marketing blog offering the Norton 360 coupon code, and other Acronis coupons, than as an acknowledged by AHA biologist. It took some time, but she finally started thinking out of her conventional box. Believe me: if you go straight into telling them how much you love online business it won’t help matters. Present the statistics that helped you decide on this business. Show them the data so they understand that you didn’t just jump into online business out of instinct.

Convince Them About Your Capabilities

Your loved ones will have doubts if you don’t convince them that you can handle this business effectively. One way of doing this is by showing them that you have passion for online business. This is the only way they can be convinced into supporting you, either emotionally or even financially, at least for the first months. Avoid by all means giving them the impression that you do this as your new hobby which will eventually quit. They won’t take you seriously. In my case, the Software Reviews and Coupons blog I launched – the VeryBestSoftware.Net – was welcomed positively as I had already a tech geek reputation.

Let Them Understand That You Are In Business

You must help your family members and loved ones understand that doing business at home doesn’t mean you have all the time in the world for your normal social activities. Be very firm and let them know where you stand; that you don’t joke with your business and can’t go playing while you are supposed to be working. Additionally, you can’t have your Skype or MSN on or reply to funny e-mails just because you are online. Close your damn Facebook page too!

Make Them Respect Your Working Hours

Just like your parents or spouse goes to work or to the office in the morning, let your family members know that you must be keeping your working hours religiously and strictly follow your daily work routine. Tell them that you must not be disturbed during those periods until you finish.

Make Them Know That Other People Have Been Succeeding

Yes, success can be copied most times. The reason we all like a given profession is because the people that are already in it are doing just fine. Let your family members and friends understand that many people have succeeded doing the same thing you are about doing. Let them know it has made a lot of verifiable people rich.

Availability Of Resources

One of the fears that your family might have is that you will be staying at home and may never get to know more than you already do, in order to succeed. Tell them that the internet alone has a huge range of resources which will teach you all you need to know. Many internet-made millionaires share their secrets on daily basis; make your family understand that you are just about to follow their steps and not wallowing blindly.

Create Awareness

You have told your family and loved ones about your business. You now have to make a business presentation to show them the benefits of having an online business. Perhaps somebody around you may have been thinking towards this direction too but haven’t had a clear understanding of how it all works out. This way, you will keep expanding, growing your business, attracting more support and gaining the ground and confidence you need for success.

Let’s face it. We are doing something most people can’t even think of doing because they are trapped inside their own narrow mindset. To quit your ordinary job to dedicate yourself in your online business requires first a big change in your way of thinking. Sometimes, the very first person we have to fight against in order to get out of the box and security is our own self. That’s exactly why we need our own people to stand by us, support us and understand what we do and where we want to go. Let’s share with them our dreams and let them know that they are in them too.

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  1. Gagan Chhatwal ) says: 5/6/2011

    Really awesome post I have been passed through this situation this will help us to explain others about the job. thank you very much.


  2. James Hicks ) says: 5/6/2011

    Wow this is a fantastic post. I’m printing this, tweeting this and sharing it with other entrepreneurs that are on the fence about moving forward with their own digital publishing venture.

    Thanks for putting this together.


  3. leon hitchens ) says: 5/6/2011

    This has really helped me see what I want to do and how I should go about doing my blogging career.


  4. Gareth says: 5/7/2011

    I think that’s the crucial difference between being taken seriously and being looked at like a fool: seriousness. People take you as seriously as you’re willing to take yourself — blogging can be a job, if you’re willing to treat it as such.

    Being a blogger (and website flipper), I also know it can be difficult getting people to appreciate that you;re working rather than just lounging around the house — I find it often helps actually setting down a dedicated room in the house where you can work and making it absolutely clear that [this time] is work time.


  5. Tivisiana ) says: 5/13/2011

    Really awesome post I have been passed through this situation this will help us to explain others about the job. thank you very much.


  6. mark says: 11/22/2011

    load of rubbish its not as if your telling your family your a drug runner or mass murderer is it?


    • James Johnson ) says: 11/22/2011

      Mark, you’d be surprised how many people will back you into a corner if you tell them you’re a blogger. I make more in a single year blogging then a good friend of mine who’s a lawyer, yet he won’t accept my “job” as actual “work” even though I often put in longer hours then him. I’ve actually been yelled at by family members for my decision to become an online writer. But yes it’s not like being a drug runner or mass murderer but then again under that thought process what is?


  7. sem calcinha says: 2/28/2012

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