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Tumblr Sprints Past 19 Million Blogs, Enters Second Wind

It was only two weeks ago that Tumblr crossed the 18 million blog milestone, and now the micro blogging service is already hosting 19 million plus blogs!

To put things into perspective, it took Tumblr about 2 months to grow from 15 million blogs to 18 million (which is about 1.5 million additional blogs per month), although now it seems like the site is on track to add over 2 million sites per month!

Tumblr also seems to be branching out beyond the “tween girl” demographics, with Quantcast reporting that there are more guys using the service than girls.

With more businesses, government agencies, and celebrities using the service, it may only be a matter of time before Tumblr surpasses not only (who just passed 20 million sites), but challenges Blogger for the gold.

For those of you who use Tumblr (or have used it), why do you think the service is growing faster than rival platforms? Also do you think Tumblr could dethrone Blogger as the number one blogging platform in the world?

Hat Tip: Technorati for the demographics info.

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  1. Ratlam Business Guide says: 5/21/2011

    wow!! more then 18 million blog in one website amazing. Speechless.


  2. Sushant Risodkar ) says: 5/23/2011

    I think there is nothing to be excited about. Sure those figures are big but the team and people should understand that many of the blogs created on tumblr are for seo benefits. Tumblr has been a part of link wheels that are created to index backlinks and to improve search rankings. So easily consider out of those 18 million blogs, many millions of blogs are just like those created by seo professional and has got no useful content.

    Also, Tumblr doesn’t cares about finding out such blogs. I am myself building link wheels on regular basis with every new website project…Whenever I create a free for link wheels , don’t know how it gets easily detected and deleted in some days by the wordpress team…On the other hand, not a single tumblr blog has been deleted yet from my account.

    So that’s the secret of the huge numbers…

    Sushant Risodkar