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Would You Ditch Your Blog For Facebook Notes?

Believe it or not the worlds largest social network actually boasts a blog utility to it (which in retrospect isn’t surprising as Facebook is heavily courting bloggers nowadays).

Simply dubbed Notes, this Facebook utility allows users to easily create lengthy posts (beyond the 420 character status limit), as well as easily format texts and insert media.

Although it’s not surprising to see Facebook boast a blog utility within its domain, it is surprising to see how popular Notes has become (at least among many of my friends), especially in light of more powerful options such as WordPress and Blogger.

For those of you seriously considering using Notes as your main blog platform, here are a few reasons why you may love (as well as hate) powering your blog via Facebook.

Unlimited Media

Unlike rival blog services, Facebook Notes has no hard limits on the amount of media one can upload to their blog.

While and Blogger provide 3 GB and 1 GB of free space before requiring cash for more, Facebook doesn’t limit users towards how much media they can upload upon their servers.

Attention Via Tags

Although bloggers often use tags (as well as categories) to help organize their posts, Facebook Notes uses tags to gain the attention of your friends.

By tagging your friends (or even a fan page) in a note you are more likely to receive a response from a person rather than hoping that someone would see your blog’s link in their tweet stream.

Spam Be Gone

Due to the power of the social graph, lovers of Facebook Notes usually do not have to deal with the horrors of spam comments, even for posts that they make public.

Facebook seems to have perfected a way to isolate trolls and spammers while keeping legitimate comments viewable, allowing users to focus on creating content instead of dealing with loud mouths seeking attention for personal or “business” reasons.

What Permalink?

Unfortunately Facebook Notes does have it’s disadvantages, one of them being that your notes will lack a permalink making your entries not exactly SEO friendly.

This seems to only apply to private Notes, although Facebook may provide each user with a custom link to your note in order to maintain “privacy settings on a per-viewer basis.”

No Custom Domain For You!

If you want the power of Facebook upon your domain, you are basically out of luck as Facebook does not (at least yet) support this feature.

Although one could always redirect the domain towards their Facebook Notes page (which you can find by visiting online), doing so could make your blog/Notes journal look tacky.

Hard Code HTML Fail

Even though Facebook Notes supports HTML formatting, users have no easy way to easily hyperlink text with a click of a button.

The lack of the “easy button” could be intentional (perhaps as a way to discourage spam blogs?), although it’s extremely frustrating when one needs to quickly link to a site within a post.

Would You Ditch Your Blog For Facebook Notes?

Many of my friends have either abandoned their blogs for Facebook Notes or infrequently update their personal blogs while giving their love and attention to the social giant’s blogging tool.

For those of you who have tested Facebook Notes, would you seriously consider using it instead of WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.?

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  1. Marco Fiori ) says: 6/2/2011

    No chance, it’ll take a miracle to get me away from WordPress.


  2. Chrystal ) says: 6/2/2011

    A LONG time ago when I was blogging on social network sites (Yahoo 360, MySpace and Blogger) I would import to FB Notes. Even though FB is much better than it was and much larger as far as users, the notes suck. No one reads them anyway, its not what people are there for. I prefer to keep my posts on my own website. Why should I feed someone else’s? The only thing I use Notes for now is to post links to my own sites, or quick little blurbs.


  3. Kinect News Guy ) says: 6/2/2011

    Not a chance. Facebook Notes is all well and good for little notes to share with your friends and Facebook connections, but as a blog? No. Not for me.

    The fact that I couldn’t have my own domain name for Facebook Notes is an instant killer, on top of the fact that Facebook Notes only seems to work about 30% of the time. You write a note, hit the post button…and get “Something has gone wrong!”

    Add that to the fact that my notes don’t even appear prominently on my friend’s Facebook feeds (due to the fact that my carefully worded 1,000 word note is given the same amount of screen space as my friend’s misspelled status update about toast) and you pretty much have a service that is a million miles away from being a replacement for the likes of Blogger.


  4. Brandon ) says: 6/2/2011

    No exclusive control over your content, no easy way to monetize or move elsewhere, no thank you. I use Notes only on my Facebook page as a way to post exclusive content to people who like the page.


  5. reviewmylife ) says: 6/3/2011

    No way! Give up control of my content, domain, customisations – everything that makes running your own blog fun. If I couldn’t spend time playing with my .htaccess files I’d have no reason to blog :)

    It could bring blogging to a whole wave of non-technical people though – e.g. your Mum or your Nan.


  6. Dave Drew ) says: 6/3/2011

    I think I will stick with WordPress. I can monetize my site and sell it later if I want.


  7. Steven Fitzgerald ) says: 6/4/2011

    I will have to side with the majority and say “NO” to Facebook Notes as a replacement for Blogger. I like Dave Drew’s comment since it mirrors my feelings the most… if I can’t monetize it or possibly sell it later then I’m not interested. Thanks for the good article.


  8. Ron's SEO Copywriting Blog ) says: 6/23/2011

    If you are working on instant traffic, go for Facebook Notes. Or, what I would do is post to my blog and then get it aired on FB Notes. Serves my purpose perfectly!


  9. Jess says: 10/19/2011

    Hi, when I try to create a note appears that there are two kinds of permalinks, when you log in you’ll see a keyword rich note permalink for the note you created, the examples are see on any notes appear rank well on Google, ex:, but when you log out or log in as different user you’ll see a different permalink for that same note, the permalink structure look basic like this:
    The question is how to create notes permalink structure appears like the one with keyword rich? what’s the settings? thanks in advance.


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