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Tumblr Users Upset About Dashboard Change?

It looks like the mighty Tumblr has decided to spice up their dashboard a bit in order to make it easier for fans to use.

Or at least that was their intention as apparently users are voicing their complaints upon Tumblr as well as Twitter regarding the change.

While yours truly loves the new interface (as it makes it easier to switch between different blogs), many users are upset that the new default dashboard does not display how many followers one has as well as hiding the messages inbox (among other things).

Note: You can see follower counts, as well as most of the information from the previous dashboard by selecting the specific blog’s dashboard.

Although Tumblr’s change seems suited to making the service even easier to use, they also seems to be promoting their Explore feature by placing it in a prominent spot upon the sidebar (a strategy that seems to geared to helping new comers find new blogs to follow).

For those of you who are fans of Tumblr, what are your thoughts regarding the latest changes? Also, what would you add to the current dashboard on Tumblr if you could?

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  1. Kevin Kimes ) says: 6/9/2011

    People really don’t like change. Drastic UI changes are often met with criticism, especially if popular functionality is removed or made hard to use or find.

    Replacement interfaces for popular services should be carefully planned with the existing user base in mind. The process needs to be at least somewhat interactive, to ensure the fans stay happy.

    Another concept is incrementally changing an interface. Have a final goal interface in mind, and make small changes to the interface until it slowly becomes the new one. This way, users don’t really get upset about small changes, and overlooked problems can be handled one-at-a-time.


  2. anon says: 6/9/2011

    i hate the new dash, its terrible way more complicated to use way to much clicking back and forth its a pain in the ass, im thinking about deleting my blog because of it. if its not broken dont fix it they should have left it the way it was end of story


  3. Ray says: 6/10/2011

    Seriously… Why do these companies always want to make pointless changes? if it ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it!


  4. [email protected] ) says: 6/10/2011

    they did it in the worst way. you don’t roll out a dashboard without an faq, announcement or even info on how to use it in your so called help pages, Do You ? well the hell if they didn’t . it took me a while to finally find some of my most used stuff, like my queue, my message box and even my follower stuff. I had to install goofy greasemonkey scripts which make other stuff crash – just to use it. I honestly just wish they’d allow you to use the old dashboard until you got warm to the new one.

    So You LIkeThis ? how do you quickly switch back to your real dashboard ? got a script ? and please don’t send me to the rickroll troll (wink*wink) simply because I asked. I’d love to find your blog on tumblr so where is it ?


  5. mike says: 6/11/2011

    I don’t see the custom domain bit anymore in the new dash. How do we use custom domains now?


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