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Tumblr Leap Frogs

After passing 20 million blogs 11 days ago, the micro blogging service has achieved another milestone as Tumblr now officially hosts more blogs than (a feat they apparently achieved about 24 hours ago).

As of this post over 20.8 million blogs are hosted by Tumblr, compared to about 20.76 million blogs hosted by (the latter who is also witnessing tremendous growth online).

According to Quantcast, Tumblr is now a top 30 site, as the micro blogging service has dethroned for the 29th spot out of the top million sites in the US (note: comfortably occupies the 18th slot).

Although Tumblr receives far more page views than, according to Quantcast the latter apparently boasts far more unique visitors than Tumblr (which could be due to the fact that is a lot more SEO friendly than rivals).

Despite becoming a mainstream platform used by business, professional bloggers and even a government agency, Tumblr has thus far declined to embrace basic importing tools (allowing users to easily move content from a rival platform upon Tumblr’s servers).

For those of you who use Tumblr to power their sites (or at least compliment their existing blogs), why do you think so many people are blogging upon Tumblr now?

Also do you think Tumblr will eventually surpass Google’s Blogger as the most popular blogging platform by the end of the year?

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  1. knowbody says: 6/14/2011

    Your WordPress numbers don’t appear to take the more than 24 million self-hosted WordPress blogs into account. Altogether, WP should be well over 40 million blogs.


    • Darnell Clayton ) says: 6/14/2011

      Throwing in self hosted blogs would make it an apple to oranges comparison. Both Tumblr and are service hosted platforms, as the former doesn’t allow users to run their software on your own server (just like Blogger, Squarespace, Typepad, etc.).


      • knowbody says: 6/14/2011

        Fair enough


  2. Nishant Soni ) says: 6/14/2011

    Well, according to statistics that I see here, tumblr has more users then wordprss. However, I think a blogger who’s actually looking to make a career, tumblr would be his last choice.

    So despite of the numbers, wordpress is going to rule the blogging world for long time.


  3. leon Hitchens ) says: 6/15/2011

    Well WordPress is more of a paid service to use a personal domain and other cool features. Tumblr does all there stuff for free an leaves everything to third party developers, which people most of the time love.


  4. Thomas says: 6/15/2011

    I think the reasons why Tumblr has more users than WordPress are: 1) It’s simpler and easier to use, 2) It’s a lot less “professional” than WordPress, 3) It’s a very social tool, 4) Kids, teens, young adults love using them (and these are the demography of people who frequently use the Internet to socialize, share, etc.), and 4) It’s totally free to use.


  5. Salvador Trinxet says: 6/17/2011

    I think wordpress is more useful, becouse many people use it for building a website.


  6. Salvador Trinxet says: 6/17/2011

    And, more importantly, in my experience there are nowhere other blog platform with so many plugins as wordpress.


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