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Add Your Google+ Profile to WordPress with GoogleCards Widget

GoogleCards Widget: Add Your Google+ Profile to WordPressJohn Henson of PlusDevs developed a handy widget to display your Google+ profile to your WordPress site.

The widget is as simple as WordPress widgets come and only requires you to add your Google+ ID. Sadly there is no option in the GoogleCards to add someone to your Google+ Circles without leaving the site but we hope that this will be integrated to GoogleCards once the Google+ is launched officially and the Google+ API will be released.

Visit PlusDevs to download the plugin here

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  1. Jamie Northrup ) says: 7/8/2011

    Nice early plugin for Google +, can’t wait to see the things that will be done with the API once Google + opens up a bit more.


  2. google trends says: 12/6/2011

    This widget is something I will consider using on my own blog just not sure if I am going to use it yet.


  3. Servere Majazi says: 2/25/2012

    Good Job !!


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