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5 Ways to Get More Exposure for Your Blog

After some careful consideration and meditation, you’ve decided to join the bandwagon of thousands and launch your blog. You’ve taken the time to come up with a catchy name, figured out your focus, and even picked a design that feels as fierce as your personality! Congratulations.

Now, there’s just one problem confronting you—one that befuddles many bloggers.

How will you get the word out and get folks to read it on the regular?

Especially when you consider that having a bodacious blog that nobody knows about or reads, is the equivalent of throwing a great party where nobody shows up.

Though there are as many approaches to promoting a blog as there are individual bloggers, here are a few tried and true methods that will yield successful results for today’s blogger.

1. Guest Blogging—Guest blogging is simply posting an article or “post” on another blogger’s site for the purpose of sharing and enhancing their current content. Ideally, it should be a site that is well established, enjoys a good reputation with readers, and deals with topics that you are equipped to speak on. Guest blogging provides exposure by introducing you, your work, and your blog to new audiences and creating “link love”. To find out which blogs accept guest posts, you can do a simple Google search, or explore the sites that you currently read, subscribe to, and enjoy.

2. Social Media—Social media is a great way to “make friends and influence people”, create awareness for a cause, showcase your work, and even find creative jobs. Some of the most popular forums are Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Each has a different strength and purpose, and some bloggers actually combine them for optimal opportunities. This is a great space for a freelance blogger to explore.

3. Signature Lines—Though it varies from person to person, the average blogger probably sends about a hundred emails a month. If he sends those messages using Yahoo, there’s a feature that allows a few lines to be added at the bottom of each message, called the signature line. It serves like an electronic business card that can promote your blog and your services. Simply select “options” from your email messages page, then click on “mail options“, then “signature.” Then you’re ready, voila!

4. Business Cards—There’s no doubt about it, social media and the Internet have changed the way that people promote and market today. But, don’t overlook the old ways of getting the word out about your business or recreational blog. Business cards are an inexpensive and effective way to reach out to others and connect. Every card should reflect your email address along with your blog URL as part of your contact information.

5. Blog Commenting—Another way to get more eyes on your blog is to stop by other blogs of interest and leave an engaging, funny or interesting comment. Often this can lead to blog readers stopping by and subsequently becoming a fan or follower. This as a way to see what‘s happening at your spot, know more about you, or how you weigh in on world issues.

These are a few savvy ways to get the attention you desire and deserve for you and your blog.

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  1. Jamie Northrup ) says: 8/26/2011

    I do a little of all your points, but right now Guest Blogging is what I find to be the most effective, if you guest post at big name websites you’ll get a lot more visitors, but the more relevant the website you post on is to your website, the higher conversions you’ll have in terms of subscribers, sales or whatever it is you want.


  2. reza aprian says: 8/27/2011

    true, guest blogging is the most effective method to rank your blog.. but still some people will ask what they want to do after they have that exposure :D
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  3. vijay lin says: 8/27/2011

    Thank you for sharing, I want my blog get more exposure.


  4. K. Meyers says: 8/28/2011

    Thanks for the advice. I recently joined a guest blogging service to help increase traffic to my blogsite.


  5. Adam McLane ) says: 8/28/2011

    Totally agree. These are the basics that you have to do well. Actually, if you do 101 stuff well you won’t have to worry much about 201-401 tips. 


  6. Mae Loraine Jacobs says: 8/30/2011

    I love your list, especially about having guest posts. It saves you time and promotes your blog. But for me one of the biggest come-ons is quality content. If I enjoy reading their blog posts, I will be more than happy to come back over and over and share them with my friends.


  7. piyush wadhwa says: 9/3/2011

    really very nice tips james


  8. Vic - Business Tips says: 9/13/2011

    Signatures can also be used in online forums. Signatures are found at the bottom of your every forum post, so it will be a great strategy for increasing back links and popularity.


  9. David Gitonga says: 9/14/2011

    I love this statement “Guest blogging provides exposure by introducing you, your work, and your blog to new audiences and creating “link love”. Indeed, if you provide quality comments on guest blogs, they will likely reciprocate. If not, other readers will notice your contribution and link back to you.


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  12. Andreas Olee says: 9/28/2011

    Hi James,

    many thanks for your inspiring ideas, especially point 2 is worth a try, I will create a Twitter account.

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    Andreas Olee


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