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2012 SEO Software Primer

The major reason why the best seo software creators help businesses and blogs build a better web presence is so businesses can dominate as many major search engines at any given time as technologically conceivable. However, the problem with even the best seo software–even the one’s that made the countless top lists of 2011– are that they lack the consistency to dominate every major search engine all of the time. Consistency is an unattainable achievement that the best seo software companies only wish they could promise for businesses with a definable web presence.

While most businesses and individuals with a definable and marketable online presence have come to realize that manual efforts to increase traffic is a task of the past, or actually more of a crapshoot, there’s going to come a time when businesses will do something new. Businesses and individuals are going to have to employ several different best seo software packages to manage their online presence on different search engines and/or various fields of interests/niches on their websites with a specific goal in mind.

Here are four major buying signs that you are choosing the right seo software(s) to make the most positive, trafficked web presence possible:

1. Find the right category of seo software to meet your present needs—There are two types of software, but the best seo software for most individuals and businesses is the SAAP. While this software can only be used online and has quite a bit of annoying updates to deal with daily, it is the easiest to use and most website owners will tell you they prefer SAAP software. Especially for those that already have a global presence online and use different computer technology in different locales, the SAAP seo software is an investment worth having.

2. Find the software that makes your web presence most positive—It is key to find the type of seo software that will maximize your authority on whatever your main subject of content or niche market. The right seo software will not only help you organize your voice, but convey a consistent voice throughout all text of your website. The other type of software choice is called the downloadable suite, which usually comes in the form of a CD-ROM and allows you to create a more unique voice more easily. If your main concern is using language that will increase traffic flow, then a downloadable suite will allow you to determine key words your writers must employ to create successful content.

3. Pick software with an analysis features that tracks competition—Tracking competition is crucial in order to increase your own traffic. When you are able to become aware of the strategies and techniques another company, blog, or individual uses to become successful, you can decide on which techniques are worth using and which ones might be disregarded. Becoming over saturated in scoping out the competition could impede your ability to deliver a great web presence.

4. Stick to white-hat seo software–While many bloggers and websites are recommending a combination of white and black-hat seo software, having a successful web presence means you do not associate yourself with companies that rely on backdoors, tricks, cloaking to help you succeed. Not only could relying on black-hat software damage your web sites image in the long run, it is dangerous and downright unethical.

The list of advantages of using seo software over relying on manual efforts to increase traffic flow and readership to a website are so exhaustive that it does no good to spend time discussing the need for finding the best seo software.

Guest Bio: This post was written by Annie Kim, an SEO expert and full-time blogger.

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