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  1. Chris Wiegman

    I agree completely with your “choose a topic you can write on point.” One thing you should add to it is you must choose a topic you enjoy. If you can’t be passionate about your topic you will not last very long.

  2. Greg Habstritt

    I have read certain blogs that says write about the topic that can interest your readers. Then, there are also blogs that says write what interest you. I believe there are a lot of bloggers who are confused about this. But, of course what’s easy is to write about the things that interest you, because you will be more pushed and motivated to write something in your blog.

  3. Amelia @ IT Management

    I don’t really think about what my readers enjoy as long as I enjoy it. I know that this is a bit selfish but I always have this opinion that with so many people around the world, there’s a great chance that a number will have similar interests as me.

    Passion is the key. Bloggers should write about the things they are passionate about which they want to share to others. Without passion, the blog would just reach a few posts then lay dormant.

  4. Adriana

    thanks for share!

  5. sem calcinha

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  6. Zeeshan

    Choosing your hobby as the blog theme is really not very good. I did that and Google sends me very few visitors on my site. I struggled with my niche, the ones listed here really helped. Thanks for posting!

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